PlayStation 3 Gives Microsoft A Run For its Money

"Since the PS3 launched, sales have been less than what Sony might have been hoping for. While the Wii was flying off the shelves, the PS3s were collecting dust on the shelves in stockrooms across America. That problem seems to be going away. The question is, why? Is it because Sony decided to enable some of the video-scaling technology that it had previously left inaccessible? Perhaps it was the ease with which one can swap out the hard drive on the PS3. While those things help, the simplest explanation is often the truth: Decent games are starting to be released."

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Babylonian4266d ago

Don't know if this is true, but the PS3 will take lead eventually after the big masses adapt the new product. There are still many people enjoying their PS2, I'm one of them.

Just waiting for a few titles to get out and a little price drop, I think I'll have one the end of this year and many other people will too.....Just wait and see

bung tickler4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

i think you and other sony fanyboys are counting your chickens a little too soon. people arent waiting for games they are waiting for the price. the wii isnt sell so well becuase of the number of AAA games it has its selling because its a next-gen (i use that term VERY loosly there) that is less than $300, its really only $200 if you take into consideration its is bundled with a $50 game.

the sad sad truth for all you sony fans is that the PS3 will be the LAST system to drop below $300 let alone $200. so it will be a LONG LONG LONG time before 95% of the ps2 install base moves on to the ps3, that is asuming they ever will with the grass looking so green elsewere.

price all aside the ps3 doesnt have any AAA non-exclusive games coming out till most likely 2008 (MGS4 maybe 07 but not likely). so you all keep holding your breath.

Babylonian4266d ago

Your weak deducted comments are really nice and all, but it's total FUD. The price is high of cource because it's a new system, I remember back in the day when the PS2 had the SAME price.

The thing is that as time goes by the production of the console will be cheaper because making the parts will be cheaper. And about the games, there are a lot of them coming this year like HS, Warhawk, Uncharted, NGS and many more that will most likely be announced at E3.

As for the Nintendo, they are wooing the casual consumer by their innovative control and all. But like you said, where are the games, if this goed further than the Wii won't be that huge. Why it's so cheap?; you get what you pay.

360 had a year head start and is doing well, but where are their games. GeOW, Halo 2, Forza PGR and all the other exlusives are the same as with the PS3. But don't forget the PS3 also has RFoM, MotorStorm and VF 5.

This coming year will be a good one and I will surely hold my breath for it. You just go and play your unreal engine games on your 360 while MS keeps nailing you in the ass and tells you great bedtime stories about how it's better to get a 360

bung tickler4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

did i hit a nerve there?

oh and the 360 is getting VF5... and just about every other third party game... and motorstorm well.. its short, and will be out done by dirt im sure. dont even get me going about R:FoM... ha, you keep playing that average game and tell yourself its better than the FPS's out on the 360.

Babylonian4265d ago

You make me laugh, you really do. Well where do I start.
First of all you're opinions are not a fact. So please keep them to yourself. Second, uhh 360 ain't getting FF XIII and MGS4. If you keep dreamin' about that then be my guest, I don't mind at all. Any other third party game is going multi so what's bad about that, just more games for both platforms. Ohh and I know VF is coming to 360, but at least PS3 can play it right now.

I could go on and on by trying to debunk your opinions but I figure you would do the same. So let's be gentelemen here and respect each other's opinion. Flaming each other isn't very fun.

n4g sucks4265d ago

somebody spank that monkey

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scarlett_rg4266d ago

Article says: "With the PS3 finally starting to sell in significant numbers..."

Where are they getting this impression from?

PS3 sales are still horrible. Just because it released in a few other regions and sold a few hundred thousand consoles they think "the PS3 finally starting to sell in significant numbers". Let's back up those claims with some numbers please. I've yet to see any "significant" sales.

Will the PS3 sell eventually? Yes. Will flying-cars sell eventually? Yes. But right now, the common consumer isn't ready to pay such a hefty price-tag for something they don't need... especially when they can get a car that doesn't fly and will still fulfill it's desired purpose.

I think the long-term strategy of Sony may pay off, but right now, it's not a threat to MS or Nintendo. And by time it starts to pay off, MS will probably release their Xbox720, and Nintendo will release their Super-Happy-Fun-Wii... and who knows what will happen to the market by then.

Keyser4265d ago

The Xbox 720 is coming out in June 08. You haven't heard. MS is always ahead of the game!

End sarcasm

The 720 isn't coming out until they see what new system Sony and Nintendo are making. When has Microsoft ever been innovative...waiting on a response...

JasonPC360PS3Wii4266d ago

I love that title it's what dreams are made of.

Torch4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

it raises some critical points, namely in reference to the psychological price difference between the 360 and PS3. I've forever strongly disagreed with the general consensus that the 360 (Premium) was a better buy, value, or even cheaper than the PS3. Not only because 360 Premium buyers are physically receiving less hardware and functionalitly (NOT referring to processing power - that's a completely different discussion) than PS3 owners, but PRIMARILY because the 360 Premium's perceived "lower" price point has been nothing but an illusion for virtually every 360 owner I personally know, because the system BY ITSELF is never enough. One of the 360's primary selling points is its online functionality via XBox Live. Unfotrunately it's not so cut-and-dry for the 360, in part due to the 360's (including the Elite) lack of (relatively standard) built-in Wi-Fi. Most everyone I know these days relies on, or has, a wireless network setup. Once users dished out the cash for the rather bulky adapter, then there's the never-ending mortgage payment that is XBox Live. At that point, after dishing out the oft-overlooked cash, the "souped-up" 360 Premium is STILL not up to par (hardware-functionality-wise) with the PS3.

It's arguable that MS realized this, and in a rather reactive, not well-thought-out response, they decide to retaliate with the Elite. Personally, this is a blunder on many levels, first-and-foremost because it now makes it much easier for those (less mathematically and analytically-inclined) who are deciding between the two systems, to compare the two. Now that they are both more comparable in price, it becomes even more evident that the 360 isn't such a bargain after all, considering that precious coin is likely still going to have to be spent to get the uh, "ultimate" XBox (online) experience. Now that the Elite makes it more obvious that the 360 costs as much (if not more) than the competing machine, many purchasers who would've not long ago purchased a 360 without flinching, are now going to be second-guessing the value of a 360, when they could be receiving a comparable gaming machine, in addition to an integrated HD player, integrated wi-fi, upgradeable hard-drive option, integrated memory card readers, bluetooth functionality, superior HDMI, and free online, for the same price.

As it stands, the 360 still has the upper hand because of its dominant (albeit diminishing) install base ratio; its readily avaiable, decent-quality library of existing games is its current saving grace. However, one shouldn't be a fool by denying that that games for the PS3 will be coming in DROVES in the very near future. And WHEN that happens, and IF Sony truthfully executes their be-all, end-all free online program that is HOME, what advantage will the 360 have, other than a handful of decent exclusive titles?

In quick reference to Vista and DirectX 10: I see this as another premature, unnecessary move by Microsoft...although I have no clue what it's got to do with the PS3.

DEEPBROWN: Sorry buddy...I get carried away sometimes. I often intend to express only a few words, but then it all ends up gushing out somehow. ;)

techie4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Torchy! lol I want to read your post...but I can't bring myself many long paragraphs...any chance of splitting it into bullet points or something? lol. If not I'll try.

I read it. Nice post. Microsoft shouldve waited with the Elite and put it at the same price as the Premium and then drop their price. That would have been much better.

candystop4266d ago

I read your long comment and disagree with you 100%! You sound extremely biased and just so you know I would never go wifi on a online console! It's about software and services and not a bunch of what I have you don't have crap! 360 is delivering and will soon have a price drop so quit hating! Eventually i'm going to pick up a PS3 once the price drops but in know way view it as a better deal than the 360!

Figboy4265d ago

and i agree with you 100%.

my roommate owns a 360, and even he accepts that it wasn't the best deal. he barely even plays the thing. he doesn't like Gears of War, or Crackdown, and doesn't like the controller. why he bought it in the first place is beyond me, but, whatever. he also has a PS3, which he plays quite a bit, just not as much as he plays his PS2 (Guitar Hero owns his soul, apparently).

me, i have a PS3, and i've been meaning to pick up a 360 for the longest time, but knowing Microsoft the way i do, i knew it was only a matter of time before they upgraded their 360 to be more comparable to the PS3. it was just a matter of *when*.

of course, i wasn't expecting the Elite to be such a big "F You" to the original 360 owners, and to the newcomers who have been riding the fence (like me).

the fact of the matter is that for $120 more, i can get built in Wi Fi, built in HD support (for movies and games, no add-ons necessary), built in memory stick readers, and the option to use any size internal 2.5" HDD, or any size external USB HDD, should the need arise (currently, the 60 gigs that came with the unit are doing me just fine). that's some nice bells and whistles for $120 more. and for the true HD fanatic, the fact that the PS3 has HDMI 1.3, and the 360 Elite has HDMI 1.2 or some such, is probably a factor.

the real truth is that the PS3 is a great deal, even before the Elite was announced.

with a rumored $100 price drop by this fall for the 60gig unit, it just makes it an even greater deal.

i may come off as fanboyish, but after gaming for over 20 years, i've learned to be very judicial when it comes to where my money goes. considering that i have rent, car payments, a fiancee, and other bills and responsibilities, i *have* to be, and i'm always looking to get the most for money.

considering that most games nowadays are coming out for the PS3 and 360 both, why not just get the system with the most bang for the buck, which, in my eyes, is the PS3?

we know the games that are scheduled to be released for the PS3 that are exclusive. they aren't anything to scoff at. same with the 360.

but this isn't just about the games, it's about the value proposition, and the PS3 is better value, even at $600. or should i say *especially* at $600. it's a lot of money, don't get me wrong, and it was painful to part with it, but only until i got my shiny black box home, hooked it up to my measly standard def TV, and started to play it. haven't regretted it in the least.

i *will* be getting my 360, don't get me wrong (there's no way in hell i'm going to deny myself Alan Wake, Fable 2, Mass Effect, and Crackdown), i'm just waiting for it to get a few more good exclusives (which also applies to the PS3 for some people, but we know they're coming).

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r10004266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

I'm not going to comment on the actual article... the remarks will lost amongst the comments will come from Fanyboys....


64 billion to 29 billion... damn that is still a whole lot of CASH... WOW....

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