GTA IV – Multiplayer. Exclusive 360 Content.

Game Informer's ten-page preview informs us that, as suspected, the game is set in a much-expanded Liberty City in 2007 and that the central protagonist's name is Niko Bellic - an Eastern European immigrant (it suggests Croatian or Serbian) who has come to Liberty City to live the 'American Dream'.

The other important tidbit gleaned from the preview is that GTA IV will have multiplayer, but it's not going to be a massively multiplayer online game, according to Rockstar Games' co-founder and creative VP, Dan Houser - which is hardly surprising news!

The preview merely states that Rockstar is trying to make something that is interesting, fun, progressive and which goes along nicely with the single-player game.

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bung tickler4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

the downloadable content says right in the article that it is only for hte 360.

"Both the (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will "likely be identical". However, the Xbox 360 version will have exclusive downloadable episodic (sizeable) content. So, not identical at all then - what with there being exclusive content for the 360."

i dont know what you read deepbrown but it wasnt this.

the coolest thing i think is this little bit: "After an initial load sequence, the game will never load again. Not even during exterior-interior transitions (and vice versa)." I think this almost more than anything will help to put you in the game. on a side note it really is a shame i think that we couldnt design our own person ala Saints Row. other that that i cant wait.

with Mass Effect dropping soon and then this in Oct. and Halo 3 in Nov. my girlfiend is gonna be real pissed for the rest of the year i think.

techie4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Dude it's still about GTA...which is on the PS3 and it mentions the PS3...hence it should be in PS3 as well. It talks a lot about the features of the game and not just about the 360.

lol bubbles be gone

BIadestarX4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

Deep... what kind of logic is that? what the @#I#$% did you just say?

"the 360 gets [exclusive] downloadable content...the ps3 [gets it] on the disc from the get go.".

I have 2 questions.

1) Why would they call it [exclusive]. Define exclusive please.

2) Name one multiplatform game available on the PS3 and the 360 where content was stripped out from the 360 version sold on xbox live and came in the disk for the PS3. (release at the same time *** Don't give me an example of a game like 360 owners being playing for 1 year... some content was released.. and now the PS3 gets the game + wherever content was release during that period; which is logical)

If anything some games for the 360 have more content/features.. Some games release for both consoles have online for the 360 and not for the PS3. Some games get more content on the 360 (ultimate aliance).

Deep, you may not be noticing it but you may be turning into a fanboy. We all apreciate your non-bias or at least logical comments, but you are starting to scare us with things like this.

The BS Police4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

The PS3 does not get the Xbox 360 exclusive content at all when the game ships.

techie4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

ok ok I knew it would get you worked up. Fine. MS has paid for some exclusive content. Good one. It's pure jealousy I won't be able to get it.

More content on Ultimate Alliance? DIfferent you'll find...they both have different special characters.

Fear, Splinter Cell...both have new content on PS3...swings in roundabouts.

Oh come on. We knew about the exclusive DC for the 360 since ages ago. It was in the speech when they announced GTA for the 360! Everyones on the defensive here. Not good.

hardwood20014266d ago

deepbrown- you just lost so many cool points in my book, with that dumb comment, that I'll be bookmaking this page for future "fanboy references."

Keyser4266d ago

This is simply my opinion but I believe that they are releasing the speciall content for the 360 so that they can get that all important intial fan base to buy into GTA IV (as if they needed more of a reason).

I doubt that the PS3 would not also get it's own version of exclusive content. Why?

Why not? They don't have a reason to piss off the PS3 fans an only releasing exclusive content for the 360 of course would. I'm sure within the week we will see a story that "PS3 HAS EXCLUSIVE GTAIV CONTENT!!!!!"

Anyone willing to make a small wager?

power of Green 4266d ago

Deep Brown and I had our dissagreements but he was getting better in controlling his extream Sonyfanboyism. But i guess trying to protect what he thinks deserves to be on top due to legacy and pedigree; is as acticting as Crack.

The Method of Delivery of content doesn't mean Exclustivity(selling point).

Splinter Cell has different fan types they obviously thought chicks appeal to PS fans and would help attacting their attention.

techie4266d ago

"they obviously thought chicks appeal to PS fans" haha POG it sounds like you're taking a jab at 360 fans there. Nice one.

Come on was best for me to say it than someone who actually meant it. Jeeez. I'm sure you could see I was saying it as a little quip...don't need to be defensive about the differences in the drive.

n4g sucks4266d ago

just wanted to say that rockstar has previously said that both the 360 and ps3 will have their own exclusive downloadable content. so 360 will get downloadable content and ps3 will get different downloadable content. ps3's could be free and MS might charge. the whole load once idea is great except for core xbox users ( no hard drive )

Dareaver14265d ago

This is not directed to anyone in specific, just to the annoying fanboyism.

All the article said was that the 360 was getting exclusive content. It didn't say that the ps3 wasn't getting exclusive content. All this flaming needs to stop. The game looks and sounds like it's gonna be great. Now is a great time to be a gamer, two stellar consoles giving us (the gamers) what we want and that is to play great games. Who cares about multi disc, pc users have had to deal with that for decades now, does that make them not like to play games on their chosen platform, no! If you have a ps3 what does it matter if games are multi-disc on 360, it won't affect you in the least. And so what if the ps3 has strict ram constrictions, it doesn't stop it from pumpin out impressive graphics. We are finally getting what we want out of these consoles, and people are still flaming and complaining. If you have either system, why are you worried so much about the one you don't have, and if you have all of them, then you get to relish in all your gaming glory, and thinner pockets. LOL.

Game on people! let's play

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T-Virus4267d ago

I couldn't find the multiplayer bit. Where's that?

stingray91914267d ago

"The other important tidbit gleaned from the preview is that GTA IV will have multiplayer, but it's not going to be a massively multiplayer online game, according to Rockstar Games' co-founder and creative VP, Dan Houser - which is hardly surprising news!
The preview merely states that Rockstar is trying to make something that is interesting, fun, progressive and which goes along nicely with the single-player game.

SPOnG spoke with a Rockstar rep earlier today, who told us that an announcement detailing the exact nature of the multiplayer elements in the game would be made in due course, so watch this space. "

stingray91914267d ago

WAAAA... oh well I guess ill live. 360 RULZ!

....Downloadable planes....YAY! Please Please Please!!

SuperSaiyan44267d ago

360 version will also have achievemant points WOOT!

Scythesean4266d ago

yeah but in Home we will be able to go view ours in wonderful 3d.

BubblesDAVERAGE4266d ago

I still dont understand wats so cool about them....can some one explain wats so cool about them ?

BIadestarX4266d ago

It add playability to the games. It encorage you to beat the game.
It give you a sense of guidance to what you need to do. It's a different level to playing games. It allows you to know how far your friends are on the same games you are playing. It makes the games more competives. If shows if you suck at the games I play.

And an example? I have 200/200 on Geometry Wars. Some of my friends hate me for that.

I'm not sure if I mananged to help you understand... it's something that Playstation gamers have problems understanding.

It's similar to scoreboard at the local arcade machine. Everyone wants to be on top. This is more like, yeah I know you beat the game but did you get all your achivements? No!?

Bonsai12144266d ago

it makes people feel good about themselves after they've wasted hours upon hours accomplishing stupid things like "died twenty times in a row" or "you've jumped 20ft on a skateboard"