Bethesda Games Confirmed For Steam

Kotaku writes: "Steam users can now enjoy more of the fruits of Bethesda Softworks labor, as The Elder Scrolls series and Call of Cthulhu join Valve's digital distribution service. Hardly shocking news, but news nonetheless."....

ThanatosDMC5476d ago

How bout Morrowind? I've played Oblivion too death all ready.

kevnb5476d ago (Edited 5476d ago )

great deal too

http://store.steampowered.c... not bad eh?

ThanatosDMC5476d ago (Edited 5476d ago )

Sweet! I just bought it. Finally be able to try this game. I hate buying PC game disk since i tend to lose them when i dont play them anymore.

Btw, Horse Armor! HAHAH!

Cheeseknight285476d ago

Fallout 3 was up within a week of it's release. I had assumed all of Bethesda's more recent games were too, but I guess not.

CaulkSlap5476d ago

I hope more people will play Call of Cthulhu. That game was so awesome yet got no sales.


Virtuos Working On A Multiplatform UE5 Remake, Rumored To Be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Virtuos is currently working on a multiplatform Unreal Engine 5 remake, which is rumored to be The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

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BlackIceJoe54d ago

If this is true, I hope it leads to Morrowind getting remade next.

-Foxtrot54d ago

I thought they’d go for Morrowind first to be honest but this is a welcoming surprise to tide us over before ES6

TheColbertinator54d ago

Well said. Exactly my thoughts too.

Tedakin54d ago

Unreal Engine isn't efficient for open world games, so I question the reliability of this story.

isarai54d ago

Yeah, 1st thing that came to my mind too, although i CAN see it being likely for ease if use, but it's not going to run very well if so

Tacoboto54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I'd wonder if it would just be exploiting Unreal for graphics but the underlying engine/logic is still the original framework.

Like how we had the graphical remakes of Halo Anniversary, Tomb Raider I-III, and Demon's Souls.

Could also end up a disaster like the GTA Trilogy

mkis00753d ago

I have heard that too but even if it's modified isnt arkham knight UE?

Fragslayer53d ago

"remake will run both an Unreal Engine 5 project and the old Oblivion project. For instance, new graphics are rendered in the Unreal Engine 5 project, but most of the gameplay and physics are still done on the original Oblivion engine"

So with this logic it'll run just fine using UE5 tool sets on top of Gamebryo's engine or maybe even Creation Engine, who knows.

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Ultra-MAGA54d ago

Hopefully modders can fix the aged combart in this game if this is true. Enemies leveling up with you broke and defeated the whole purpose of leveling up.

Fragslayer53d ago

Yeah it could use some tuning for sure hence the need for a Remake not a Remaster. I'm surprised it's even a conversation within them group which makes me skeptical it's Oblivion. I wouldn't say they shouldn't level up at all though maybe just a leave them a couple levels behind to appease the masses.

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Ranking Every Elder Scrolls Game From Worst to Best

Created by Bethesda Softworks, The Elder Scrolls is hailed as one of the most groundbreaking RPG franchises.

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babadivad137d ago

If they have Skyrim number one, list has lost all credibility.


10 Worst PS3 Games of All Time

Like any console, not every release was going to be a hit, and the PS3 certainly had its fair share of stinkers.

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darthv72146d ago

turning point had a really great story / concept... it just was very generic in its game play.

LucasRuinedChildhood146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Haze is a bad game but Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty makes it seem like a captivating work of art. haha. Fuck that game

Shellshock 2: Blood Trails isn't on this list but it might be the worst game I've ever played. I got it as a present from my mam and when I saw the box, my life flashed before my eyes thinking of the Metacritic score: https://www.metacritic.com/...

I also received Turning Point: Fall Of Liberty as a present from another family member. Bless their hearts for trying but ... oh Lord. My uncle gave my Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time and MGS2 though. 😎

DarXyde145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Was it really that bad? I recall trying the demo and not liking it, but that's just me not liking FPS games.

People I know who played it and like FPS games mostly came to the conclusion that it has a lot of room for improvement, but it's not nearly as bad as it's made out to be.

Don't know, my opinion on these games should be taken with a grain of salt.

mastershredder146d ago

Oof! yeah, Ride was a huge fumble they tried to market twice.
Haven Fall of the King was dog-shi7-tastic and should be a runner up to some of those.
I'd even nominate Legend of Kay. Heh Haze... there is no excuse for that one (just pretend Haze did not happen).