Bethesda Games Confirmed For Steam

Kotaku writes: "Steam users can now enjoy more of the fruits of Bethesda Softworks labor, as The Elder Scrolls series and Call of Cthulhu join Valve's digital distribution service. Hardly shocking news, but news nonetheless."....

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ThanatosDMC5031d ago

How bout Morrowind? I've played Oblivion too death all ready.

kevnb5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

great deal too

http://store.steampowered.c... not bad eh?

ThanatosDMC5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

Sweet! I just bought it. Finally be able to try this game. I hate buying PC game disk since i tend to lose them when i dont play them anymore.

Btw, Horse Armor! HAHAH!

Cheeseknight285031d ago

Fallout 3 was up within a week of it's release. I had assumed all of Bethesda's more recent games were too, but I guess not.

CaulkSlap5031d ago

I hope more people will play Call of Cthulhu. That game was so awesome yet got no sales.