Japan: Wii Software Attach Rate Higher Than PS3

VGChartz have set up a new list comparing Japanese PS3 and Wii software sales. Who's come out on top so far? Well, the charts reveal that the wii, so far, has a higher attach rate than the PS3 (2.30 vs 1.35).

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Bigmac5734299d ago

without listing a stupid goddamn article.

TheMART4299d ago

Well could you?

Wii doesn't have so much more great titles available then the PS3 and still it sells more games.

The PS3 attach rate is very, very low @ 1.35 game per unit sold. Seems there aren't many games around that PS3 owners want

THAMMER14299d ago

I thought that they could move games in Japan for sure. I guess Japan is not the land of OZ for PS3 fans.

techie4299d ago

Hehe look at this

PS3 total "TOTAL 1,097,000"

Wii Play "2. Wii Play - 1,097,000" - I thought that was bundled in? Non?

PS3 Sonic "12. Sonic - 25,000"

Wii Sonic "22. Sonic and the Secret Rings - 19,000" - WTF!?

ITR4299d ago

In Japan you buy the Wii for around $210 with no game.

Hajimete no Wii Pack aka (Wii Play US ver) $40 in Japan sold separately.

Wii Sports $40 in Japan also sold separately.

So apparently Wii play and Wii Sports is very popular in Japan right now.

lilwingman4299d ago

This is old news. Any Sony-fan could tell you that the Wii was beating it in every department in sales, whether they like to believe it or not. But the PS3 attach rate right now is 3.4, and steadily climbing. Not too bad, considering the fairly lackluster games available right now. Over the course of the year it should do very well though.

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The story is too old to be commented.