Nathan Drake And 'Shadow Complex' Hero Seperated At Birth?

Two of the best games that showed at this year's E3 were "Uncharted 2? and "Shadow Complex." Both are exclusive to their platforms (PS3 and 360, respectively), and both are played from different perspectives (over-the-shoulder vs. 2D side-scroller). But their heroes? Cut from the same block of wood! MTV Multiplayer couldn't help but notice the similarities, but if you missed it, here are some of the more glaring examples.

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Sonyslave34121d ago

Drake is the male lara coft and the shadow complex hero is the male samus .

KKanjiAnkh4121d ago

Don't you mean Drake is the new Indiana Jones.

mrv3214121d ago

I wouldn't care which I sleep with to be honest both would be good, but in the end I'd rather Sully.

Ermm... Sully, the single greatest guy... mmm..

Wait the article, yes... sure what every just give me 'em in HD... with a naked mod... which it appears every game gets.

Pennywise4121d ago

I hope you are a girl. You should talk to someone about your daddy issues.

Carl14124121d ago

Nolan North is a bit awesome to be fair


LCF4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

How many accounts can one person have?

likedamaster4121d ago

Nolan is good at what he does. I was impressed with what he did with Prince of Persia.

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ascendantofrain4121d ago

wait for it...
wait for it...

and cue the "microsoft steals everyone else's ideas" argument...


mrv3214121d ago

Your the first to bring it up ;)

el zorro4121d ago

Oh come on guys, everyone with a brain knew it was coming. Might as well preemptively swat down that line of failed logic. I agree with ascendantofrain.

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Serjikal_Strike4121d ago

not even a good comparison...only similarity is the same guys voice

k jules4121d ago

Or are you just an ignorant fanboy that doesn't know Shadow Complex is a FRKN Arcade game! (And if it was a joke please let it be more obvious the next time xD)

shutterspeed4121d ago


Seriously PS3 fans chill out.

Serjikal_Strike4120d ago

you guys need to chill on the

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The story is too old to be commented.