Why We Still Love Dual-Joystick Shooters

Koku Gamer writes: "Have you ever heard a joke so many times that you forgot why it was funny in the first place? Then you hear it again and its like new, and you remember why you loved so much? To me, dual-joystick shooters is the old joke. And games like Geometry Wars and Super Stardust HD are the games that remind me why I loved the whole Idea in the first place. Sure the concept of using the left stick to move, and the right to shoot has been done to death. But when we see a game take this old idea and apply to brand new ideas, it just feels new."

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Wonderfulwest3595d ago

it goes back to goledeneye where everyone love the feel that you control everything from movement to free Aim.

Ziriux3595d ago

Indeed, started with the Nintendo 64, but just feels better with a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller.

y0haN3595d ago

I cringe at gamepad shooters. Keyboard+Mouse is the only way to play for me.

edgeofblade3595d ago

Remake Smash TV. That is all I desire.

In fact, I would buy the rights to STV if they were available and I had a mil.

table3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Goldeneye, seriously? Those controls were pants. You couldn't walk and aim at the same time with any ease. When walking it felt like you were trudging through caramel. I really didn't catch onto that game like everyone else did. It was still the best console FPS at the time however...

RussDeBuss3594d ago

i f*in loved super smash tv.

i forgot about that game. makes me wanna dust of the old chipped xbox and see if i have the rom for that on there

mastiffchild3594d ago

Oh, y0haN! There are two reasons why I don't agree with your ketboard/mouse set up love-in.

Firstly, though it's undeniably the most effective twitch shooter control scheme it's still far less tactile, immersive and convincing(pressing keys and clicking a mouse is far more removed from the game, imo, than using a pad).

Secondly, when you game on consoles you avoid the "upgrade trap" that abuses us PC gamers so much. Everyone has the same console and the same controller(basically-unless they're cheats)which makes your achievements comparable on an even playing field both on and offline. On PC the guy with the best rig, and more importantly performance wise, the best gaming mouse and keyboard will always have an edge and, these days with playing against or measuring yourself againmst other gamers from tound the globe equality is more important to me than eeking out a bit more by having better kit than others.

I, obviously, can't say you're wrong to prefer your set up but, to me, it's just irrelevant as a means of testing or measuring one's skill against another gamer who doesn't/won't have the same set up as you do. Prefer away, but the disdain you show for a more egalitarian method of control makes you sound arrogant and I'm sure you didn't intend that at all.

If we all play on the same pitch we can really see who's the better player-consoles do this better than the PC, keyboard and mouse set up does and til there's a standard set up for k/m gamers then it always will. Plus I think a pad is slightly less contrived in feel and thus a tiny bit less removed from the in game actions.

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Elven63595d ago

Good points, I believe their is still a niche yet viable market for dual stick shooters in North America and Europe. Not sure about Japan, isn't it still pretty popular there?

mastiffchild3594d ago

It's a well considered article, which makes a change these days and I believe that in the home of Icaruga any shooter is viable outside of the FPS field,no? I liked the hypothesis over the need to innovate as well-it's interesting, to me at least, that while we often crave innovation it's often the games which stay close to their original bluepuint that remain successful-Halo being a case in point. Quality has stayed high buy can we really say there've been big steps forward in gameplay since CE? So, do gamers REALLY want innovation?

Also, given the fact that GW and SSHD have garnered success with old mechanics does even the first game of a franchise need a fresh outlook? Mirrors Edge is arguably the most innovative big budget FPS(sort of) game of recent times but sold like death flavoured fries.

Anyway, decent ideas, imo.

SSHD really turned back theclock for this old gamer , though, it must be twn years or about that since I'd played a two stick shooter.

lilbudman3595d ago

i love playing dual joystick shooters. they remind me of the old days.

Ziriux3595d ago

I still think hands down Geo Wars 1 and 2 are the best, even though there has been others around, Geo wars has everything fun about it.

WengYong3595d ago

You referring to Gears ? Cause yup that was the first shooter I plaeyd I actually preferred on a controller as opposed to keyboard and mouse

xabmol3595d ago

GoW = God of War

GeoW or Geo Wars (as above) = Geometry Wars

Gears = Gears of War

I wish people would stop thinking everything with a G & W means Gears!! Man that really grinds my gears!!

JBaby3433595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Though usually it's pretty obvious what someone is referring to, people really need to get the lingo down. Proper abbreviations FTW.

In my opinion Super Stardust HD is the most fun of these types. That game rocks my socks off every time.

Ziriux3594d ago

Yea at first I always assumed people were talking about Gears of War, but than that's because i never played or heard of a God of War game.

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Ziriux3595d ago

No i'm just talking other older games in general.

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