PlayStation Portable Could Be Better Now

TPG writes, "When the PlayStation Portable was released in March 2005, it was hyped as the new form of portable gaming device. Combining PlayStation 2-esque graphics with the ability to play videos, listen to music, browse the internet, and be the all-in-one media device.

What was the reality?

A decent portable gaming device with horrible video codec support, wireless-b access, and expensive proprietary flash memory. Also the "exciting" new media format, UMD, failed to even crack the media type library due to similar pricing of like movies on DVD."

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roblef3597d ago

OMG, yes. I sold my original 1000 for many of these reasons (and have since bought a 3000 due to the current PSN stuff and the lower cost of Memory Stick)

CrAppleton3597d ago

TOTALLY need to lower the cost of a memory stick.. sucks that it's so damn high

Spolodaface3597d ago

Get counterfeits.

Half the price.
Half the transfer speed.

Blaze9293597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

You can get a 8GB for $25 and 16GB for $60 and unless your pirating PSP games, the 8GB is just fine and $25 is high at all. Even $60 compared to the $300 it was out when it came out for the 16GB isnt bad at all.


I still have a PSP-1000 and unless it breaks will forever have that; PSP Go! is nice and all but IF I can do without it I will do so until the day when there is a "PSP2". PSP Go! is really centered at new PSP owners and unless you dont have a PSP at the moment, I really dont see why anyone would upgrade. That's just me though.

Neco5123597d ago

It is a shame there aren't more games, but we keep getting promises!

CrAppleton3597d ago

I love my PSP 3000.. granted it is lacking games at the moment.. I just wish Sony would stop focusing on making a new PSP every two months and give us more games

GrE-Jace3597d ago

I purchased the original PSP on the night it was released. I'm one of seemingly few people that have enjoyed my time with the PSP. I believe that now is the time that a NEW PSP handheld should be announced, not a redesign of the current one. I do not care about the PSP Go and I REALLY don't care about it's high price. It's not different enough for me to replace my current Gen 1 PSP.

CrAppleton3597d ago

AGREED! I couldn't agree more man. I was TOTALLY STOKED about the PSP Go, until they said there would be NO exclusives.. it's not even a brand new system, just ANOTHER re-design.. GOD SONY, why can't we focus on games and not re-designing hardware?

I would have bought a PSP2..

3596d ago
WiFi Pirate3597d ago

I would love to be excited about the PSP again. I got one midnight launch of the very first iteration. I played it non stop for about 6 months then i had played all the good games on it. Now i just want to see them pump games out for it like the do for the PS2. Don't promise me Gran Turismo portable AGAIN and not deliver it!

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