2010: new Blu-ray technology, new PS3?

Examiner: Don't get too excited (or disappointed) yet. The new Blu-ray standard is actually an old idea that has just been implemented. It allows one to make redundant backup copies of his or her current Blu-ray collection. According to, "None of the current batch of Blu-ray players or recorders have the required electronics to allow this." So is the PS3 included?

Remember that the Playstation 3 is still one of the overall leaders in value and quality of a Blu-ray player. Blu-ray players may have dropped in price, but you still don't get nearly the amount of features on the Playstation 3. The only known flaw of the PS3's Blu-ray player is the lack of support for the audio codec DTS HD for bit-stream audio output. Whether sound matters this much to you or not, it is a hardware limitation which likely will not be fixed by Sony's golden updates. This means that the same thing could happen when the next Blu-ray standard is released, if sources are correct. It really depends if Sony can figure out a way to update the firmware.

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Godmars2903594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

As far as I know the current BR dive in the PS3 can handle a 800GB disc. The guy writing the article doesn't even mention what the limits of this new Br is.

And as far as the codec, wouldn't a system update fix that issue?

I mean, how is it a hardware problem?