PS3 week-3 sales trampled by Wii

Leaked units sales reportedly gathered by Chart Track, have revealed that Wii outsold PS3 by around 8,000 units last week.

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TheMART4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Like I said.

Last week the PS3 sales in UK plummet 82% from launch to nearly 30k.

Now they plummet even further, having almost a 50% decrease on last week. 17k sold. I said it wouldn't surprise me if it would be 20k last week. It seems to go down even harder.

New prediction. Next week it'll be around 12k max.

The launch = fanboys. After that 600 Euro is too much for the gamers around. And certainly for the mass of people. Too few games. Combination is deadly. High price, not much content!

@ Nanometric (below)

Indeed. WIth 17k a week it would be like that. But it won't stay on 17k a week.

Deepbrown was also calculating last week. With the 30k sales a week. Saying that was at least 120k a month for UK only. We all see how hard it drops.

Like I say: expect it next week to fall to 12k max. And after that... PS3 won't be mainstream untill the price drops to 400 Euro/dollar and have much more content (read: will be a year from now at least when the library has grown)

techie4269d ago

LOL "Deepbrown said mah mah mah..." lol. Shut it you muppet! So I misstepped slightly...but I feel an average of around 20,000 is still very respectable, so it might drop some weeks...but with big games coming out it will rise significantly....also an average of 20,000 when christmas sales are included in that is not so crazy.

Better than the 360 at 5,000 that's for sure.

Keyser4269d ago

Does anyone know if Ferrari out sold the Ford Fusion last week. I didn't get the paper so I was wondering if anyone knew...


masterg4269d ago


Okay that made me laugh. Comment of the day

nanometric4269d ago

The Marts favorite news- Sales charts... man I feel sorry for you.

Btw, that would be around 70k per month, so It ain't that bad, considering it's only in UK and with 600euro price tag.

Bad_Karma4269d ago

i`m gonna bet Wii also outsold the 360 but hey .. no mention of that ...i wonder why ?

nanometric4269d ago

Becouse of fanboys like The Mart.

TheMART4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Actually not. This news is not written by me. I only bring it here.

Plus the PS3 and Wii just launched. They should be in high demand by fanboys. The 360 already is out there almost 1,5 year. It's a different situation. Its not mentioned in this article, so I don't know dude.

What I know the 360 sold 240k in North America in february where the PS3 sold 130k. The PS3 sold about 17k in Japan, where the Wii sold 65k or so last week.

It isn't local, it's world wide. The PS3 doesn't sell as it should, period

@ Bigmac (below)

Too bad I didn't bring you this news, right?

nanometric4269d ago

Marty boy, you can't compare Wii sales to PS3, they are completly different products for different target audience. It's like comparing sales of WW Golf to a Lexus, first one is for mass market as it is cheap and the second is a luxury!

Bigmac5734269d ago

nice job presenting your news, MArt LAWL.

Freakin fanboy.

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xfrgtr4269d ago

Hey,TheMART,how many 360 have been sold in UK this week?HAHAHAHAHA!!!!
215000 ps3 SOLD in 3 week sales that's GREAT!!!!!!I fell sorry for you

Marty83704269d ago

How long do you think the intial 220K launch units will last. The reason sales are down is PS3 is in short supply. Once Sony start shipping regularly sales will pick up. Common sense tells ya that.

gta_cb4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

i live in a popular City (in UK) and my local shop has plenty PS3s in stock... does that mean what your saying is not true? oh no! lol

Nervsys4269d ago

There is stock everywhere here in the UK.

The HMV down the road have even got a stand outside to try and shift a few boxes gathering dust

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