Diehard GameFAN: Damnation Review

Damnation is a sad case of a game sounding awesome but being awful. The idea of a steampunk Tomb Raider-meets-Gears of War game sounds really awesome, but Damnation never delivers on that promise, instead choosing to be a boring, underdeveloped experience that borrows heavily from better games. It also fails to do anything original with the borrowed elements, and can't even implement the borrowed elements properly. The shooting sections are bland and rife with AI problems, and the weapons you get to play with are boring and feel weak. The platforming sections, though they play a little better, are contrived and the controls don't always work as intended. There's no reason to play through the game to completion because it does almost nothing you haven't seen before (and plenty of things you wouldn't want to see again), and the multiplayer elements are just as bland as they are in single player, only less populated. As an experiment in how to drop the ball while developing a conceptually solid product, Damnation is worth checking out, but as a game, it's not even worth renting.

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