Dead Rising 2 confirmed for Xbox 360

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has just announced that Dead Rising 2, the sequel to Capcom's zombie hit Dead Rising, is under development for the Xbox 360.

Details are few and far between at present but maybe Capcom's Gamers' Day event on Thursday will be the time to change all that.

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donscrillinger4264d ago

i hope its two player on and offline

gnothe14264d ago

give me online co-op an change the funky game save system an I'm there

Havince4264d ago

capcom wud of been idiots not 2 do this, its nice 2 have a confirmation tho

at first i hated the save system as i got stuck at a save where i cudnt get 2 the fat butcher guy in time so i had 2 start the WHOLE game again. but if u use the save system correctly its a charm.

yeah 2 player wud be great

Wasnt there a rumour of a 2player upgrade via live for the original dead rising ??????

SW4264d ago

I like Dead Rising. I love that you can type out confirmation, but are to lazy to type out would and to.

gta_cb4264d ago

im not to sure about a 2player update via live, although if you search for it in im sure you will find what your looking for.

as for this new game, GREAT, i havnt played the first one as when i went to buy it, i got Gears of War instead hehe :D but it does look good so hopefully they can pull it off and make Dead Rising 2 even better :D

MissAubrey4264d ago

offline system link, splitscreen and online co-op

HiTechH84264d ago

I agree coop would be a great addition.

I believe the funky save system is necessary to add difficulty to the game. Without the save system I would have never needed magazines (to enhance abilities), wasp queens, or juice mixes. Without it, DR would just be a boring hack in slash (like Dynasty Warriors with zombies) and how lame that would be.

However, I would like for them to refine the combat system and fix the AI bugs. Right now the combat system is too cumbersome for some of the situations they ask you to tackel. Without the AI bugs I most likely would still be stuck fighting the 3 snipers. I hope the fix both these issues. Either way I will buy DR2 the day it comes out.

Havince4264d ago

This is what texting and using MSN has made me become. i just automatically abreviate EVERYTHING and miss words out, my english lit was excellend after school before these 2 things messed it all up lol

I just hope they sort out the move where youg guy dived wen u didnt want him 2

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The story is too old to be commented.