WipEout HD will get a Blu-Ray release

PS3Hype writes: 'WipEout HD was introduced as a PSN only downloadable game. No after some months of the release of WipEout HD, Sony confirmed that the company will release a Blu-Ray version from WipEout HD soon! We will get more info about WipEout HD on Blu-Ray soon!'

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Vitalogy4609d ago

Because of wipEout HD Fury!?

I can't see any bright future to this. I have the PSN title and its enough.

PirateThom4609d ago

I'm assuming it will include the expansion on disc. It's just to get the game out there for people who may not have access to buying things from the store, I guess.

I actually wouldn't mind having a disc version, if it's not too expensive.

theKiller4609d ago

if they add more features and more maps and functionality then it will sell well specially if it was at lower price!

callahan094609d ago

All they have to do is make it install-free and I'll buy it just to free up the gig on my hard drive.

redsquad4609d ago

If it includes the expansion, isn't crushingly expensive AND allows me to use saves from my downloaded version, I'll take it!

TheColbertinator4609d ago

They should just work on the real Wipeout for PS3.

ELite_Ghost4609d ago

I already have it, but it's good to know.

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