New batch of PS3 consoles are noisy and defective

A recently discovered batch of defective PS3's has been discovered by the members of the Official forums. The defects consist of noisier than normal systems, and may be linked to the [email protected] application in some cases.



Participants of the forum thread eventually narrowed the "whining" PlayStation 3 consoles down to a specific batch by serial number, mostly sold by EB Games in Canada. Those who have had noisy machines report serial numbers in the CE133190xxx and CE133212xxx series manufactured in January 2007.

PS3 owners who have been able to exchange consoles report that the high-pitched noise does not exist outside the identified serial ranges. "After a day of use, it appears to be running fine," said OptimusRhyme, after purchasing a new PS3 from Future Shop. "I'm going to say that yes, I have a fully working system finally."

Calls to Sony PlayStation tech support found no one aware of the problem, though through the collaboration of PlayStation forum users, the issue appears to be isolated only to a small batch from a recent production run.

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nanometric4268d ago

My lesson from the past- NEVER buy the first SKU's. PS1 bought the first big one, after that the small one comes out(not so important, but still), PS2 also bought the big one, who's fan noise is near to my PC's and with a little glichy dvd drive.

gooner4268d ago

a noisy, defective console where have i heard that before

wouldent it be defective because its noisy
not noisy and defective

nanometric4268d ago

Rather noisy becouse they are defective :D

Bad_Karma4268d ago

atleast PS3`s got no chance of catching 360 in the defect department.

Babylonian4268d ago

360 has really got a lead on that alright. The PS3 won't even be able to surpass that ;)

shortyNZ4268d ago

you never know what could be around the corner, yes its a shame launch xbox 360's were faulty, lucky they wernt released in my country till after the bugs were ironed out
you get problems with any new tech, but so far the ps3 has had a steady run, hopefully it stays that way

FirstknighT4268d ago

Looks like the ps3 is also a lil buggy. :)

fenderputty4268d ago

of PS3 being noisy is better then, EVER FREAKING SYSTEM being noisy.

Also, since when did "small batch" equate to the PS3 in general? Sure it has some faulty systems. Every system is going to have some bad systems. When it comes close to being as crappy as your system ... then you can make your snide remarks. Until then ... you just sound lame.

How many people on here have had a red ring of death?

How many people on here have had a noisy PS3?

Shadow Flare4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

Later studies show that the consoles are white and only play 360 games

SmokeyMcBear4267d ago

oh man had a good laugh at that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.