SFX-360: Splosion Man Preview

SFX-360 writes: "After the success of The Maw, the crew at Twisted Pixel were hard at work making the next big hit. The eight man operation took exactly eight months to come up with 'Splosion Man. Twisted Pixel CEO Michael Wilford told me in terms of 'Splosion Man that they wanted to "make it as retarded as possible." Based upon what I've seen and played during E3 2009, they've not only succeeded on their goal, but they also have what is arguably one of the top must buy games of this summer.

Born in an underground lab after an experiment that has gone terribly wrong, our explosive hero goes on a quest of revenge against the scientists who are involved. He has explosive powers that allow him to propel to amazing heights or even jump great distances. 'Splosion Man can also use his powers to kills the enemy scientists. Once he blows up the scientists, all you'll see that remains look like pieces of meat. If you stay around for a few seconds, you'll notice these pieces of meet to start cooking. This is not a concept used to help 'Splosion Man in terms of health, but it is however a pretty neat feature showing off Twisted Pixel's humor..."

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