SFX-360: Split Second Preview

SFX-360 writes: "When it comes to racing games, the Burnout series is the "King of the Road." Its arcade style along with the ability to "takedown" the competition in a variety of ways has made the series a hit with fans all around the world. Many racing games have come and gone throughout the years, but none of them could stop the Criterion juggernaut. Now Disney Interactive Studios along with Black Rock Studios seem to have a racing game that can give the Burnout series a run for the money with Split/Second.

Split/Second at first looks as well as plays just like Burnout, but that's where the similarities end. Split/Second may be an arcade style racer, but this game has a whole new twist. Welcome to the world of "Power Plays." If your falling behind in the race, these power plays can get you right back into the mix while making life difficult for the competition. So how do you acquire power plays you ask? Well here's how it all works. To trigger these power plays, you must build up a meter by drafting, drifting, jumping, and "trading paint" with the competition. Once the meter is full you'll notice am icon above your car which allows to to activate the power play to one up your rivals..."

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