Chinese Game Restriction Measure Enacted

Youths limited to playing 3 hours a day without penalty.

The Chinese government yesterday issued a decree to Internet game operators about regulating young people's use of online games. This system is looking to combat the growing problem of online game addiction in the country. This measure was previously announced last year.

The circular, issued by the State Press and seven other government departments, requires that game companies develop a game that cancels half a minor's earned gaming credits if they remain online for more than three hours a day and take all of them away if they play for more than five hours. Online gamers will be required to register using their ID cards, indicating if they are under 18. Companies must have the system developed by June 15 and have it fully tested and implemented by July 15.

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gta_cb4269d ago

wow! i didnt know anything about this... lol ohwell thankfully i dont live there... and is this for any console?