Blizzard: No date to announce for StarCraft II beta, but no NDA in force

VG247: Blizzard, while currently asking for journalist BattleNet details for the impending StarCraft II beta, said in the mails it sent out to sites yesterday that the test's start date is still off-limits.

"We do not currently have a date to announce for the start of the beta test," said the firm.

It's safe to assume, however, that the beta's very close. And good news was included in the mail: the beta has no NDA.

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JsonHenry3596d ago

Wow, no NDA. I guess they are just as sure of their success for this game as I am.

Idid not murder him3596d ago

This will undoubtedly comes to the 360 after the revolutionary & ultimately success of Halo Wars...

Jump Off.

KionicWarlord2223596d ago

Well you know what`s truly interesting? how halo wars is like the easiest controls for rts on a "console". Hopefully more games like stormrise will make the controls from ground up.

But as for star craft...thats pretty iffy.

Idid not murder him3596d ago

Don't worry it's coming like MGS4 & FF7...

Sony will lose another exclusive again.

MelaDarkwood3596d ago

Umm.... You know Starcraft is for PC only, right? It came to the N64 once, but it wasn't that great of a port. Just because a game is good doesn't mean it has to be involved in the PS3/360 war.....

Cacic3596d ago

If the specs aren't too high I might try to get the Beta.