Halo 3 Multiplayer Was Possible at E3 2006

In a recent interview to promote the PLAY! A Videogame Symphony Concert, Audio Director of Bungie, Marty O' Donnell let it slip that Bungie had the option to let press play Halo 3 multiplayer at last month's E3 2006:

"Well a funny thing about that, we showed them and flew around in the trailer in real time, we were able to show how light reflects off the space-tether, you could see the expanse of the Forerunner construct and how it goes out for miles, something people don't know is we had the option to let the press play some multiplayer."

Aside from that, Marty also revealed that in the near future Bungie will have a behind the scenes feature on Bungie.net showing the process of creating the music, and the teaser for Halo 3:

" It's one of those things that is my decision, where I have the ability to want to do it or not since I am the audio director for Bungie and not just a hired hand. I have a hand in making the trailers, and help put in my own input throughout all that Bungie does in many ways. We are bringing something new out here soon though, it isn't a dramatic thing, it's just sort of a behind the scenes showing how we did what we did with the trailer, and we are going to show some more angles of the trailer."

TheXgamerLive6562d ago

I think were not only going to be introduced to a whole new level of true next gen. gaming but I think that HALO 3 will bring us incredible online gaming into a whole new HALO universe. I think based on what they say is that it's noy just going to be Halo 3 single campaign and a online version, I think were going to see an incredible and vastly optioned online universe. With choices we've only dreamed about. I think HALO 3 will cause an uproar in XBOX 360 console sales as everyone will want it. I think were going to be able to add and change some aspects of "live" gaming that will be introduced with HALO 3. Just wait, you'll see what I mean: )

TheXgamerLive6562d ago

I think gears will be the 3rd person shooter equivalent to Halo 3's first person shooter, except that Halo 3 will be so much more than just a shooter.
But definately gears will be the game of 2006.

Shadow Flare6561d ago

yeah and the only reason i bought my old xbox was for halo, and it was a good game, but i haven't played my xbox for AGES now, and its gathering dust and i think a family of rats have made lodgings in it.

Seriously i bought my xbox for halo only and i play my ps2 far more. I have other xbox games...but...they...are...CRA P

Im not gonna do that again (and buy a 360) because no games have appealed me to that console so far. Sure halo 3 is a temption but im not wasting money on a console that:

A) I'm buying just for one game and
B) Is a risk to burning my house down

Im spending my gaming money on the ps3 cos it offers more than just one good game

TheXgamerLive6561d ago

No, halo 3 isnt the only reason to buy an XBOX 360!! It has an incredible library coming, your blind I take it, also, the xbox had most everything the ps2 had and it was soooo much better like splinter cell, the graphics were incredible but the ps2 version couldnt handle it and there's was sorry looking. Many others were the same. In fact "NOTHING" looked better or plalyed better on the ps2. The only good origonal game for the 2 was god of war and that's it. I'm not even going to begin to describe the truly incredible next gen. xbox 360 games as you should already know. If not then go to gametrailers.com and look at all the xbox 360 trailers.

Aflac6560d ago

Hey, dude, it's perfectly ok to have different tastes for games, but do u seriously buy into that whole load of BS about 360s burning ppl's houses down?

Shadow Flare6560d ago

Name me some good exclusive titles that were on the original xbox then and try not to include halo if you can.

I'll name you some for PS2:

-Metal Gear Solid
-Gran Turismo
-Shadow of the Collosus/ICO
-God of War
-Final Fantasy
-Ace Combat
-Grand Theft Auto (They were always on playstation first)

I know there are more but my mind escapes me. Whats on the xbox then?

And as far as 360, again, nothing appeals me to it, and im not the only one who thinks that. To be honest, halo was the only game i thought was good on xbox. Splinter Cell was better on xbox personally but, thats not an exclusive game is it? Sorry but ps2 had better games

And comment 1.4, it was a joke you moron. I think the 360 has made you too serious a person with all its FPS

Liverpool4ever6559d ago (Edited 6559d ago )

"-Grand Theft Auto (They were always on playstation first)"

"Splinter Cell was better on xbox personally but, thats not an exclusive game is it?"

OK. Now I'm gonna answer this with a totally stupid response that you could make: Splinter Cell was first on Xbox!!!

I Agree with XGamer, Xbox had many good games.
-Burnout was better on xbox (Best Racing Game Ever, you can't compare the lame Gran Turismo series with the burnout series.
-Dead Or Alive Series (Best Fighting Games to date)
And personally I loved Hunter: The Reckoning on xbox. So, what you're saying just shows that PS fanboys still lives, due to the pore Sony Conference.
But what the hell, if you want PS3, get it. I'll never get it, unless they show something better than they have. They have just dissapointed, as usually.

shotty6558d ago

Some of those games aren't exclusives, or maybe you sony fanboys are just that narrow minded. GTA, Metal Gear, final fantasy also came on the xbox. The xbox 360 has more exclusives than the ps3, first party xbox 360 titles along beat all the ps3 exclusive count.

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pRo loGic II6562d ago

Music is as important as graphics now days; you can't have one with out the other.see tittle

shotty6562d ago (Edited 6562d ago )

I agree Halo along will bring the 360 to the top. Add to that titles like Gears of War, Oblivion, Mass effect, GTA 4, Viva pinata and the others and this will truely be the generation MS comes on top. No other console maker has a game with this much hook to it. Sure some people like Final fantasy and Metal gear but ask your parent if they know those games. And xbox 360 is the only system you can play all these games.

anonymous6562d ago

My imagination runs wild with possible gameplay concepts after seeing the trailer.

Massive Star Wars-sized battles. Covey dropships that you could shoot down b4 they land, stopping those reinforcements(but if you cant, you would have those extra enemies to deal with)-kinda like the start of Hell Jumpers level in H2, but not scripted-The A.I. would position the ships where they're needed most.

To see a Covenant Invasion assault like in that early Halo 2 demo that that became nothing, but cranked to eleven.I envision the Terminator 2 opening sequence, but replace the T-800s with Elites or Brutes....oh and have all of above in Co-op....32 player Co-op.

TheMART6562d ago

I think Gears of War will sell 360 systems first, even before Halo 3 will be out.

Everyone, and I really mean everyone is going to buy GoW that has a 360 and I'll bet former Playstation fans will buy it also because Killzone 2 is not delivering

shotty6562d ago

I am sure everyone is going to pick of Gears of War including me and in a few years Gears will be just like Halo and MS will buy Epic. Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360 using Unreal Engine 4, shader 4.0 and direct X 10 in a couple years. The game has vehicles so that a major wohooo. The 360 is a system to definately own this generation with all the exclusives it has, you will truely miss out on some great games. Imagine a scence like Kameo in Halo 3 or Gear of War with 3000+ enemies on the screen and you have to kill them all.

GTProwler6562d ago

I just hope that GOW doesnt end up like Brute Force, i remember all the hype that game had. Nice concept, but gawd awfull. just wrong if you know what im saying,