New Colin McRae: DiRT Gameplay Video

GameTrailers releases new video of Colin McRae: DiRT featuring offroad and rally racing gameplay.

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InMyOpinion4266d ago

Is the guy whos playing just very bad at the game, or are the controls from hell?

Bill Nye4266d ago

GameTrailers always has crappy drivers who don't even seem to have practice runs before they capture the gameplay.

Keyser4265d ago

The driver is probably driving bad on purpose ot show off the physics and how the car interacts on and off the track. They also want to show what crashes look like. How boring it would be if he stayed on the track the hole time and one 1st place. Good for him but bad for us trying to observe all the work they put into the game.

Looks like a interesting game for thsoe who like this. I like Motorstorm because you're trying to win the race but there's so much going on around you. Its more of an arcade style "fun" game. This game is also probably fun but more geared to those who are serious about racing. When I'm serious I would play Grand Turismo. Haven't played Forza but I hear that's pretty serious also. Still, this game looks good for those interested.

Personal opinion...

SmokeyMcBear4266d ago

is there gonna be game music, or are all you are gonna here that guy spout off speeds and turns all the time. The cares look pretty detailed, not so sure about the environments. I much rather like the gameplay of motorstorm, soo fun. This seems like a game more geared towards a grand turismo realism. Never played a mcrae racing game, so not sure what to think of it, but yeah, i hope that it was editing cuz after that guy would crash, he magically be in front of the rest of the pack, not sure how that happened

N4G_FANBOY_CRAP4266d ago

have co-drivers & thats what they do .

God of Gaming4266d ago

CM is a SIM.. Motorstorm is a dream world... I prefer a SIM personally. There will be no music, the co-driver announces the upcoming turns because... thats what they do in REAL Rally races.

I think the game looks drop dead gorgeous... I can not wait for this game. But man, they need to get someone who can actually race before they record this type of thing. He just needed to lay off the gas a bit, he was playing it as if it was Motorstorm....which will not work in a SIM.

SmokeyMcBear4265d ago

yeah my bad.. like i said im not familiar with the series. I was thinking more off road fury fun. When I think of dirt racing I think of just going nus and having some fun.. when i think of racing sim, i think of grand turismo. But I can totally see if you are into rally racing how this would be fun.. and yes I have watched rally racing, and know that the passenger spouts out directions and turns and what not. But I actually watch rally racing hoping for some spectacular crashes, you know kinda like people watching nascar, ha.

ps1h1ch4266d ago (Edited 4266d ago )

I hope the rally section would be similar to Richard Burn's rally - very long (realistic) tracks. And I hope that the realism could be adjusted to much higher version than this in the demo's. I also hope that there would be more point to point tracks and not so many arcade circuits tracks.

PS: And those gametrailers drivers really suck, I guess they all go to work with bicycles driving at 1 mph with a helmet and a big bell.

stingray91914265d ago

Thats a 15+ mile track and its in the game!

vidoardes4266d ago

Looks like a very impressive game (dare I say better than Motorstorm?) but I hope it was just demo'd by a crap driver. Still it has a while to go yet and it looks like it shaping up to be a quality game

techie4265d ago

Haha crappy driver. But look at the grass! THE GRASS! It bends under the car...we haven't seen that in a racer yet. Nice stuff.

stingray91914265d ago

but in Just Cause the grass bends under the cars and when you walk over least in the 360/PC versions

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