Elite IV Confirmed For PS3, Xbox 360

Forthcoming projects from Frontier to include Elite IV on PS3 and 360, this is the first proper confirmation.

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commodore644283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

*claps hands like a seal*

oh boy
oh boy
oh boy
oh boy
oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy !

I have been waiting for this day since i was a little fella....

read my bio.

Rifle-Man4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

Hey Commodore, I read your bio, and even though I was too young to really appreciate good games, my favs were Law of the West, Beach Head 2 and Ghostbusters. Man, that thing really kicked my Atari's ass.

I've never heard of Elite, but if it's space trading, I'm there.

Anon19744283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

I played Elite to death on my ole Commodore64. I remember when my ship was overrun with trumbles (tribble clones) until finally one of the damn things jumped on the screen in the middle of battle.

I remember thinking..."What the hell's a tribble?"

Good times.

Ju4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

Oh, boy. I spend hours, days, weeks, months playing Elite. Made my mum really upset at the time! Boy good old days (that must have been 25 years ago! Time flies!). If that is the same, no over gimmicky but just state of the art visuals, I fear about my coming nights. Can just repeat: Epic!

commodore644282d ago

if you guys liked Elite, you may want to check out 'X3 reunion' and 'x3 Terran Conflict'
Much in the same vein, but oh-so-pretty!

That said, i can't wait for Elite IV.

may have to upgrade my computer for it.

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CaptainKratos4283d ago

what is this title?i never heard of it.

Cajun Chicken4283d ago

Epic series of space trading sims.

Wasn't exactly my thing when I was younger, but if anything, the scope is going to be amazing.

CaptainKratos4283d ago

i think im too young to remember this now.

Cajun Chicken4283d ago

22, my Dad had them on Amiga, I 'attempted' to 'play' them.

Pretty big thing for the industry with this series coming back especially on consoles, I believe this is the first time Elite has in fact been on consoles.

xabmol4283d ago

Dude, that actually sounds pretty frikin sweet! I hope they do a good job updating it for this gen.

Ju4283d ago

21... yeah, I played that 25 years ago :) ha ha.

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Pintheshadows4283d ago

Finally. I've been waiting for this.

jesterlives4283d ago

Elite is still my favorite game of all time. I am glad that word is finally leaking about the sequel.

Armyless4283d ago

I may have to forego the rest of this year and just sit at home now.

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The story is too old to be commented.