Quantum will be PS3's Own Gears of War

Seeing how the Gears of War series is well established on the Xbox 360, it wouldn't make sense to make a brand new IP that's similar on same platform. I'm afraid GOW fans wouldn't have accepted this title at all, however the producer Kohei Shibata's decision was to make Quantum exclusive to the PS3 because "Simply, it's the most powerful hardware".

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TheHater3411d ago

not this sh1t again. Quantum will be the PS3 owners Quantum. Every game is different and unique in their own way. Unless the developer just took the Gears of War code and slap on the Quantum logo on it, then Quantum will be Gears of War. Quantum will never be Gears of War because that not what the developer what it to be.

Forrest Gump3411d ago

That's also not what gamers want it to be :)

DasBunker3411d ago

quantum isnt gears youre right.. but its very similar.

i havent bothered with gears and most likely wont bother with this one.. unless it has a good story. the only think i kinda like about this quantum is that it seems like it has different kind of weapons comparing them with gears/other shooter games and the game has a FF look into it.. so storywise could be interesting..

TheHater3411d ago

True. If I want Gears of War, I can go play Gears of War 2 right now on my Xbox 360. I still need to finish that game by the way. wow I have not play that game in about 4 months.

Forrest Gump3411d ago

Sounds like we should be worried.

Kamikaze1353411d ago

Since when did Gears of War include a chick with magic and sword abilities? Lol. Just because they use a similar art style, does not mean it'll be similar in the end.

Gue13411d ago

I'm sorry to tell this but in my opinion the game looks like crap.

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