Gametrailers Best of E3 Awards: Most Embarrassing Moment

Awkward moments and epic fails abound in this lulzy roundup.

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DasBunker5516d ago

i think the natal elephant thing took the cake IMO

jessehaysfl5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

I must say, finding out that there was "a man behind the milo curtain"...that's pretty embarrassing...

and sad I was really hopeing Milo was something really amazing...

EDIT: So the disagree is because I didnt want Milo to be amazing?

Please comment and tell me why you disagree don't be a COWARD.

And if you disagree that there was a controller running the demo then your just ignorant or stupid. you choose.

Smacktard5515d ago

They pretty much nailed many of the embarrassing parts, actually. I'm surprised they mentioned the Shadow Complex glitch. I seemed to be the only one that remembered it :/

krisq5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

But not the glitch. The mic didn't work during presentation so they gave the guy a new one and he just passed it over. I'm surprised that didn't get on the list.

jessehaysfl5515d ago

glitches happen....the game isint done.

it still bothers me that peter molwhatever straight lied about the Milo demo.

Nik5515d ago

why give a crap about how many disagrees you have?

"...then your just ignorant or stupid.."

Your =/= you're, now who's ignorant... >_>

Btw I do think Milo is amazing even if someone was controlling him. I remember when Killzone 2 showcase was attacked for being prerendered, however, the final product turns out to be even better. Here's hoping "Milo" will be the same. I don't even own a 360 but I do like to see new technologies.

Downtown boogey5515d ago

pic of the PlayStation Motion Controller engineers on the story...
Pure nonsense.

Real Gambler5515d ago

Dang, why would someone pick Sony's motion controller, as the picture for this article is beyond me... People who post things here are that stupid?

kunit22c5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

lmao! at NIK are you serious? KillZone 2 and Natal cant even be compared, you see they simply had to work a little more on the game to get it working better we knew that there is technology to make it better BUT Natal is something totaly new and never tried before so it has a MUCH higher chance of failing considering they dont even know if they can do it yet because they faked it, so what if they cant get it to work? you see what i mean? with Killzone 2 they could make it better but with this they have to actually make it WORK. Killzone2 could WORK but they simply had to make it better.

Face Palm5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

"BA-BLAM there it is!" LOL! You could here sorta like suck in his breath through his teeth out of embarrassment before he quickly say "Let's go to the dashboard!"

I think Sony;s motion control is awesome but In all honesty, I thought the motion control's *presentation* was poorly done. The technology and tech demo were amazing but the two guys talking and playing were terrible! They one guy was stumbling over his words and the other guy was a total amateur on stage. The guy playing had bad posture, was lazy with his actions and kinda slow while playing; just the way he acted was very unprofessional. I'm having a hard time describing what I'm talking about with the guy playing, but hopefully you get the idea. tt wasn't an epic fail (or even a fail at all for that matter) but the presentation-quality was the best.

BTW I am not bashing Sony at all; I'm a hardcore Sony fan but I'm just saying what I thought of Sony's motion control *presentation*. Obviously the two guys were nervous but it seemed like they whipped up that presentation 10 minutes before going on stage. I'll probably lose a bubble and get 50 disagrees for that but whatever I guess :/

Another uber-embarrassing E3 monent was Ninten-doh showed off that lame style savvy fashion game. I was LOLing the whole time! 8 year old girls aren't watching E3 -- they're in elementary school -- and E3 is for hardcore gamers. It was clear Nintendo had almost nothing to show so they just killed time. Wii Vitality was a joke too; they just showed how they're going even further away from hardcore gaming.

Face Palm5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

Ever wonder what the bottom of an Xbox Avatar's shoe looks like?

Xbox Avatars Shoe5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

here's a link to the best remix:


And here's the video of another funny one:

brandonk1295515d ago

They fail every year at every E3 with their terrible console so why even bother when we know they come up with uber fail. Ever wonder what the bottom of an avatars shoe looks like? WABAM! There it it.

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KingKionic 5516d ago


Why wasnt the translator that didnt care up there?

Shadow Flare5515d ago

Cos GT translator should be on the best of e3 list lol

Downtown boogey5515d ago

I didn't notice him making any mistakes

DJ5515d ago

And then Hideo Kojima comes onstage after, and his translator is like "B*tches, I don't have to write nothin' down."

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xabmol5516d ago

James Cameron shouldn't have even been on that list let alone at #1.

IMO Tween 2.0 should have won. Ubi should never have even brought it up at their conference, and to have little girls go up and demo a hair stilling Wii game... FAIL

2nd place goes to Kudo. WhoopBAM!!

qface645515d ago

i didn't look at the video but if you ask me EA should have taken it for showing that girls cheer club or whatever it was