Gametrailers Best of E3 2009 Awards: Most Innovative

Which title demonstrated the most innovation?

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Forrest Gump5516d ago

They should have given it to Scribblenauts instead,it was actually real.

xabmol5516d ago

I think Scribblenauts should have won too.

Congrats to MS though. They blew everyone away with their 3D EYEToy. xD

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qface645515d ago

scribblenauts DOMINATED the IGN best of E3 awards
i was surprised actually but i don't blame em the game looked pretty great

Ravage275515d ago

...and when M$ fails to deliver their promises, it will turn around to bite their asses

SevWolf5515d ago

I also think scribblenauts should have won it, Natal was a very good idea and surprised a lot of ppl, but I didnt know about scribblenauts and when I saw it I was amazed.
@ Ban Me.....if you actually bothered to watch the presentation closely, the first words they say is, that this form is just a prototype and that they havent finished the design/look, I hate it when fanboys use the word didlo, thinking its the last form...

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el zorro5515d ago

The difference between Eye Toy and Natal is similar to between an old boob tube from the 50s and a new flat panel 1080p HDTV. Same general idea, but a world of difference.

Gue15515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

That's the point Zorro!

When the old tube tv was first made it was innovative but when the 1080p plasma came it was hardly innovation.

"The term innovation means a new way of doing something."- http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Examples of innovation:

-Wii-mote from traditional controller
-Analog Sticks from D-pad

Example of what you believe to be innovation:

-TV with color from black & white
-Natal from PS EYE <--- Like you just said, same general idea!
-HD from SD

odisho685516d ago

project natal was definitely the most innovative but that doesn't necessarily mean that it didn't rip off a previous idea (eyetoy)...in my opinion, both Sony and MS came up with great new devices that will appeal to the casual gamer and maybe the hardcore gamer as well (depending on what games incorporate the technology)...honestly both devices ripped off other devices out on the market...sony and the wiimote, MS and the eyetoy...

But both have broadened the original idea of the wiimote and the eyetoy and made it their own...I personally can't wait to get my hands on either device, but Sony's true 1:1 motion tech is kinda more appealing to me as of now, at least until we see more from natal

masterg5515d ago

I could not disagree more. I think Natal is the one that is going to sell the most. But not one thing in Natal hasn't been done before on PS2 and PS3. MS just polished it of and slapped a new sticker on it.