Gametrailers Best of E3 Awards: Best Online Game

Which net-based title got them downloading?

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JohnnyBadfinger5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

-never liked Star Wars saga, so would never buy their video games.
-MAG even though its a PS3 game looks like it has potential if they get it right first go.

Only MMO game im really interested in is Huxley, the game looks like it has what it takes, but like MAG needs to get it right first go or else you'll never see sequels.

CaptainKratos5515d ago

STAR WARS.....never did like star wars games.but i do like FPS and MAG is the one im waiting for.

JL5515d ago

I agree. I never was much into Star Wars either, so not much intrigued by anything in that universe. Also, MAG is the one I'm looking forward too as well. If they pull it off right, there might be no reason for me to ever play anything else online ever again (at least any other shooter). The theory of MAG is pretty much my ultimate/perfect idea of online multiplayer shooter. And quite honestly they seem to be well on their way from what I've seen. Just have to see how it all pans out when it finally gets here.


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anast1h ago

I'm on the fence but leaning more toward the fail category.


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