PS3 Lineup For '09 Was Too Good To Be True

Don @ writes:

"In case you didn't read my article from two months ago called "PS3's Lineup for '09 Too Good To Be True?", check it out as this article will pretty much be an E3 checkpoint explaining how thankful my wallet will be for 2009. The prior article was pretty much going over how every year Sony lists about eight or nine AAA titles at the beginning of each year, only to end up releasing about three or four of them."

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Why dis5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

You always have to wait for Sony to show their cards in the presence of the world media around mid year. You can't go by the forced cheerleading that starts off every year. GT5 not in 2009. A sugar coated 2009 lineup for PS3 in the end. I'm getting Uncharted 2 can't wait.

You Already Know5211d ago

well, I think it should be obvious at this point that about 50% of the games slated for release in each year actually live up to their release date....while the other 50% get pushed off into the following year..

other than god of war 3 and FFXIII, there are a few shockers that caught me off guard that were pushed off into 2010 at this point...

mario2man5211d ago

why are you here this is a PS3 artical you are a xbox fanboy go in the xbox area or go play your amazing 360 please

Why dis5211d ago

Its human nature to cheer for underdogs thats why after every holiday the media actually creates these myths, I don't just blame Sony only fans.

mario2man5211d ago

please please please go away go talk about how awesome microsoft is in the 360 area please

mario2man5211d ago

why am i getting disagrees i just asked the 360 fanboy to leave nicely because this is a ps3 article. How can you disagree to that. please tell me

xabmol5211d ago

Did someone hijack Why dis's account? Or did he pull a "Giant Enemy Crab" and finally buy a PS3?

Are you neutral now Why dis? Has your PS3 trolling finally come to an end?

mario2man5211d ago

This is getting ridiculous cant you at least respond to me in words and no the disagree button what are you guys cowards

Pistolero5211d ago

Sony tend to announce many of their games so far in advance that their lineup is always deceptive and gives the illusion of being bigger than it really is. When you look at the games that actually come out within a certain time frame the ps3 and 360 are usually pretty even...although I would say that I think the 360 actually has a better lineup for the rest of the year.

n4gno5211d ago

But finally, even with some games not released, since 2 years there is more great titles on Ps3 : 2009 even more.

funny MS blogs and fans.

mario2man5211d ago

you know what i give up. disagree as much as you want. I hope you feel good inside.

chrisnick5211d ago

How many AAA's have we had this year so far? and how many more are coming? come on ppl, I can honestly say that as of June 2008 I've had too many ps3 games (especially through the fall) to play. i don't mind them pushing some back, it gives me time to play all, and its alot of a hell easier on my wallet, not to mention the games are by far the most polished i've ever seen.

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Kleptic5211d ago

haha why dis...cheer for the underdogs?...gtfo...

why do you think the media starts hyping up sony's stuff before they even announced it...and why its completely acceptable when MS goes from having not ONE announced game for the just a few...and then seeing 'they are back in it now' plastered everywhere...

Sony is no underdog...and because of that...they have had the roughest generation so far of any other console...some of that is their fault...some of it isn't...but when a company selling upwards of 300 million units of hardware has a slow start to a generation, they are hardly the little guy...

ask almost any person on earth what a "playstation" is...and chances are you will get some sort of understanding as to what its related to in return...ask them what an Xbox is...and you'll get a blank face and awkward 'what you are you talking about'...just because MS has managed to stay about 7 million units a race to 100+ million...does not an underdog make...

TheBand1t5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

Why Dis should be allowed to post in any article he wants provided it's in the Open Zone.

RememberThe3575211d ago

All we knew was that Uncharted 2, R&CF2, and MAG were coming out for the holiday. everything else was speculation from the fans. Most of the talk of GoW3 and GT5 coming out in 2009 was just wishful thinking. But I have to say that WKC not coming out this holiday was really disappointing.

Over all the PS3's line-up is still slightly better then the competition and that is including multi-plats and exclusives.

ZuperAmazingCooKie5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

"You can't go by the forced cheerleading that starts off every year"

As opposed to the non-forced, somehow involuntary cheerleading? You get dumber by the second.

Oh, and lol, you're not getting uncharted 2 because you have no PS3.

@Pistolero below:

You know what's the biggest hypocrisy of them all? Pretending that it doesn't go both ways. *rolls eyes*


@Why dis below:

I'm tired of you not knowing anything about the english language except the word "forced". You're evidently lacking in education as you keep using the same words over and over, get a college degree, inbred.

And LOL @ disagrees.

Pistolero5211d ago

It's hypocritical the way many ps3 loyalists self righteously complain about 360 fans in a ps3 article but yet there they are in every 360 article writing their typical anti-360 least most 360 fans will stick to points that are at least a little bit sensible...unlike the utter nonsense many ps3 fans write.

mario2man5211d ago

Ban me I respect your opinion but i just find it stupid to go into articles about something you hate and make everyone who likes said thing know about it. Im not a fan of the 360 so i dont go into the 360 sections and make everyone know about it.

TheBand1t5211d ago

And it's exceptionally hypocritical the way Xbox fanboys complain about PS3 fanboys in Xbox articles yet do a 180 and troll Sony articles.

Don't play one side as a Saint when neither is as good as the other.

TheHater5211d ago

I am guessing you was not here in 2006/2007? I am just going to leave it at that.

Why dis5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

SDF commence... Why can't you guys admit Sony fools the industry ever year and the media and fanboys sustain these forced perceptions.

Ok resume the personal attacks.


@Pistolero - 1.24 Good comment.

PSN ID: whydis1

Saigon5211d ago

do you realize, when sony gives game release information its always in regards to their fiscal year...even though GOW3 comes out in 2010 it still goes in sony's pockets as the end of fiscal year 2009...

Plus sony did not sugar coat their 2009 release so far weve had 5-6 AAA exclusive release world wide so far...and at the end of this year we will see more exclusives each month until April 2010 (don't know what is coming that month)...

Pistolero5211d ago


No, I wasn't around here back then...I am just going off what I have seen since I have been visiting this site. I think Why dis made a reasonable point about Sony showing their cards early...and I don't get why some people think if a person prefers one console that they don't have the other console. Many of us nowadays have two consoles and even if we favor one we still have a right to comment about things pertaining to the other one.

hamburgerhill5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

"Im not a fan of the 360 so i dont go into the 360 sections and make everyone know about it."

It's ok not to like the 360, but what's wrong with liking it's games? Why do I get the impression your taking this stuff way to personal? Your sitting up here calling Why Dis a fanboy, and then you turn around and denounce anything just because it's on 360. That's not a gamer my friend,and it actually puts you in the fanboy category. Why dis who clearly said "I'm getting Uncharted 2 can't wait" does not or did not sound like a fanboy. Take easy people seriously. Why can't we all be able to respond to one another in a mature sensible manner instead this vendetta stuff?

Edit below: @ hater
Well That's good you get to experience everything unlike most of the people on this site. Thanks for the reply bubbles

TheHater5211d ago

I am also guessing neither of you guys know Why Dis history?

I did at one point this console generation own the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3 and MS Xbox 360. However, I sold me Wii and as of now I only own an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. I get to experience gaming from both side and enjoy it.

Death5211d ago

Let's say that all Xbox fans are removed from this discussion. What exactly would the comments look like? Would the PS3 fans rejoice knowing less big name games will be released this year? I would think atleast a few of them would express some form of disappointment. Would they be cast out as Xbox fans for voicing their opinion if it was less than positive? I honestly don't get it. What is the reaction you guys are looking for to a news article like this?


xwabbit5211d ago (Edited 5211d ago )

This article is filled with 360 fan boys(multiple account disagrees) lol. Why this if sony fools people i dk what MS does lol, over hypes, rip offs' lies about games being 1080p, jasper fixing RROD which it didn't, talking about games which come how many years l8r ? If Sony is bad then MS is the devil lol. They one that makes Sony look bad is the media which over hypes everything