CryEngine 3 vs CryEngine 2 Dissection & Comparison

Features of the CryEngine 3 running on Xbox 360 and Play Station 3 hardware are compared and contrasted to features of the CryEngine 2 running on the PC platform.

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Gue14912d ago

Well, the CryEngine3 looks mile away better than Unreal Engine 3 but not better than CryEngine2. I hope devs start using CE3 more and forget about that outdated piece of crap that is the UE3.

BTW The CryEngine3 is going to be sold to other devs like with UE3?

Pandamobile4912d ago

Yes. It will be a middleware engine that companies can license and develop games with.

Blaze9294912d ago

Cant wait to see more games using this. When you start to instantly notice a game is running on, that's when you know you've seen it too much (ehem Unreal Engine 3). But more specifically, cant wait to get Crysis 2; PC sucks so it's nice to know the console versions will look pretty good.

Although if that OnLive thing is as promised, ill just play the PC version using the service.

JohnnyBadfinger4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Still nothing can compete with a PC version, infact no console game this gen will ever come close to the shear ammount of graphical detail that is present in Crysis. And it has the game play to back it up too.

If only my PC was capable..... guess ill have to settle for the 360 version.

Pistolero4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

Oh yeah, Crysis is by far the most detailed and realistic game ever created. What they are doing on consoles is pretty amazing though...considering their limitations.

They got one thing wrong though. They said that both consoles have 256MB of video ram, when in fact the 360 has a unified memory architecture in which all 512MB of the ram is shared by the whole system....if the CPU is using less, the GPU can use more and vice versa.

snipermk04912d ago

the 360 uses "shared" memory which is what it means.. SHARED. Like the shared graphics on a PC. Dedicated graphics are always the best way to go and I don't think a CPU will EVER be idle while the GPU is working its butt off. So, the comment about GPU offloading its load to an idle CPU is virtually impossible in a game.

SuperM4912d ago

I dont think its fair to say nothing on consoles will ever be close to Crysis seeing as we are still early in the console lifecycles. Having played Crysis myself id say that from a purely visual perspective games like Uncharted 2 and Killzone 2 are already close. And if you look at previous generations you would know that neither KZ2 nor Uncharted2 represent the pinnacle of console graphics. So i very much believe we will see games that are technically as good or atleast close to crysis. And from a visual perspective we will definately see games that look better even though one could argue if they are "technically" better.

narked4912d ago

@ blaze how can you say pc sucks if OBVIOUSLY it has better optimisation of let me think ermmm..... everything?
if u saw the video and still think consoles are stronger than pcs then you are OBVIOUSLY a console fan.

JsonHenry4912d ago

I know that Crysis is technically superior, but I always felt that STALKER was a better looking game.

Blaze9294912d ago

OMG do I have to type out everything and make it clear for people on this site? I meant MY PC sucks so its glad to know the console versions will look good and is ALSO why I said if OnLive works, I'll just play it using the service for PC.

Tony P4912d ago

Yes Blaze, you have to explain your poor wording.

"PC sucks" and "my PC sucks" mean two different things completely. Sucks getting disagreed with but in all fairness, you're the one who forgot the one word that didn't make you look like a PC basher.

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FantasyStar4912d ago

One thing I clearly noticed in the CE3 was that the physics calculations and dynamic shadows were behind CE2. It "lagged" for lack of a better word. Just pay attention and you might see it too.


Yupp and hopefully they could put "Fake" draw distance for items ingame. I mean look at the barrel at 1:35 that unacceptable! Isnt it?

lelik4912d ago

wow that was actually really informative. good to know.

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