Ask PSU: Killzone

Welcome to the next edition of Ask PSU. This time our journalists were posed questions about the highly anticipated Killzone for PlayStation 3. The title was originally shown off at E3 2005, but nothing has been revealed since. Of course, this meant we were able to be especially creative with our answers, as you'll see.

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jwatt4264d ago

I don't think the game will live up to the trailer because that would be craziness but I do think Killzone will come out nice. I think most will be impressed with the game.

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

yeah, i seriously doubt the trailer, that was just too much. I more worried about gameplay, destructible environments, enemy AI, as well as enemy numbers, online ( i hope they find a way to hook up home with the online games), Graphics are gonna be there, but the more and more I think about games. The more I think about gameplay rather than graphics, too much emphasis on graphics these days. The nintendo has the worst graphics, but awesome gameplay. I mean i remember as a kid I'd play some horrible graphic games (looking back) but they were fun as hell. Meh, anyways, I hope this game lives up to the hype.

Violater4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

What if it does live up to the trailer?
I don't even know by what measure people will compare the 2,
Graphically I honestly don't believe its a problem to do, (what i can have an opinion if PSU can so can I, anyway back to my rant.
I will agree we have not seen much from the PS3 so far but promises by way of games, but look very closely at the Tech Demo's we have seen.
In the end I believe it is left up to the developers to find a way.
I think where the PS3 games started with Resistance and progressed to the end of this year will set the tone.

All else fails we will have MGS4 :)

Keyser4263d ago

I think Sony can do it but I don't think they will. Not with this version of Killzone. Maybe Killzone 3. I don't think Sony really has to put all their eggs in the Killzone basket or that they will. Every game is getting hyped now a days. This is living off of hype 2 years old.

This will be a very good game. It will be compared to Halo. It's different then Halo (as it should be). Both games will have areas where they excell and where they can improve. They both will have things that people love and hate about them. Neither game will spark a new revolution in the France or peace in the middle east. They will both simply be fun. It doesn't have to live up the the trailer to be fun. If they get the gameplay down they'll be set. People forget graphics about 4 hours into a game (probably less).

All this you already know. I'll change my name to Captain Obvious.

D3acon4264d ago

I think this is going to be hit or miss for Sony. Sony can't afford to have this AAA title fail. They have all the available know how and the support and talent to pull it off. I don't doubt this will be a great game, I do wonder if it will be a Halo 3 killer. Killzone 2 is going to have to offer some depth and not just be another FPS.

I personally think that graphics should be the last thing implemented in a game. Work on the story, the AI, Game play, then the graphics should be somewhere at the end. Look at Counter Strike. It wasn't the most graphically intense game but it was fun and memorable.

Robotz Rule4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Sony,please deliver or be doubted for the rest of your lives!
I just hope Killzone 2 is worth the wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.