Home to Be Supervised and UnSupervised reports:

"Playstation Home, the community based network for Playstation 3 owners, is set to be updated with a 'grief inventory' forum where Sony can deal with individual complaints. Harrison pointed out that Home's public areas would be under moderation: "Public spaces will be moderated, and we'll use the same rules of parental control as we do for the PlayStation Network, so parents can control whether people have access to the network or not."

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gnothe14261d ago

if home will be supervised an have a mod then you guys better believe that there's gonna be a Fee at some point!! somebody has to pay these people, the money has to come from somewhere!! an that Sony guy did say they HOPE to keep home free. so paying is still a possibility!!

Keyser4261d ago

The fee will be paid by the companies advertising to the 3million PS3 owners. I'm sure you'll probably get "mail" at your home and it'll be an advertisment to buy Tide w/Bleach. I'm sure I'll get mail from someone telling me that I cn reduce my mrotgage rate payments by 50%. It will be a little annoying but as long as the service is free it will be worth the hassle.

BubblesDAVERAGE4261d ago

There are plenty of fanboys who will do it for free.

LSDARBY4261d ago

lol too true, but they will most likely have devs who worked on home being mods. As for a fee i dont think so Sony is going to turn it into a youtube type service where you upload your own videos and you can buy music and videos, And theyre also gonna have content like clothes and furniture to be brought so its bound to stay free.