Mortal Kombat II announced for the PS3 Network

Sony have announced that the arcade classic Mortal Kombat II is set to become available on the Playstation Network on April 12th...

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Torch4209d ago

which now has multiplayer and trackable stats???


[email protected]4209d ago

Completely agree. Plus my brother its a fan of this title and with Online features he will not stopping to play this game as the old times. Arcade MKII man, beautiful memories lol.

Mikey_Gee4209d ago

IS THE BEST Mortal Kombat game of them all.

I love the original and Part 2 got me going even more. All the others to me are just filler.

Longhornbevo4209d ago

Thursday cannot come soon enough! Mortal Kombat II was such a classic, I cannot wait to play it again.

kornbeaner4209d ago

the train keeps rollin'.

King Crab4209d ago

What a rip off of xbox live arcade.. get your own damn games.

kamakazi4209d ago

uhh sure buddy you keep thinking that, damn troll

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The story is too old to be commented.