Rumor: Wii and DS Release List Leaked

Advanced Media Network's Rumor Reporter got their hands on what they say are print outs from GameStop and EB Games computer sales list.

Some of them may be tentative dates, but most retailer lists (from GameStop and EBGames' POS systems, not the website) are good indications at upcoming games. Here are the highlights for the Wii and DS lists:

DS: Jam Session, Mega Man Star Force Titles (2), Dynasty Warriors (Wi-Fi), Assassin's Creed (Confirmed), Simpsons: The Game, Golden Compass

Wii: The Bigs, Resident Evil Wii Edition (Coming 06/25), CSI 4: Hard Evidence (Confirmed), Simpsons: The Game, Golden Compass, Harvest Moon Wii

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eepiccolo4265d ago

I saw their lists for Wii games when I went to reserve my Wii to get it on the release day. A bunch of the games had dates listed that were PRIOR to the Wii release date itself! And they had several titles listed as launch games which were already known not to be, including Wario Ware. I wouldn't give the dates on this list a lot of credence.

ITR4265d ago

I see no Metroid 3 or Smash Bros or Galaxy.