Nintendo brain training 'no better than pen and paper'

People buying Nintendo DS consoles to give their grey matter a workout with brain training games are wasting their money, a new study shows.

Titles such as Brain Training, More Brain Training and Big Brain Academy, which cost $50 on top of the $200 DS handheld, are no better than a pen and paper at stimulating memory and improving brain power, a study of 10-year-old children by the University of Rennes in France has found.

Nintendo claims in its advertising for the games - which in Britain feature Nicole Kidman - that they "stimulate your brain and give it the workout it needs" to improve blood flow and "practical intelligence".

It also claims the games can improve memory and keep your mind young, reinforced by the fact that players are given a "brain age" when completing the tests, which lowers as performance improves.

In Australia, Nintendo furthered the perception that the games boost memory by announcing it would donate $1 to Alzheimer's Australia for every copy of Brain Training sold.

Market watcher GfK said Brain Training was the seventh best-selling console game in Australia last year, with more than 140,000 units sold.

But the study of 67 10-year-olds found that homework, reading, playing puzzles such as Sudoku and board games such as Scrabble were just as good as, if not better than, the brain training games.

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qface644922d ago

the thing im surprised at is those prices $hit 50 dollars for brain age games??? 200 dollars for a DS??? damn!

Tony P4922d ago

The difference being your kid will actually WANT to play a DS.

dktxx24922d ago

ya but probably not brain age so much.

SpoonyRedMage4922d ago

Yup. It actually focuses people's attentions and gets them to do the mental exercises.

Plus considering it's basically a digitised versions of the things they listed I'm not surprised.

Christopher4922d ago

Yeah, people actually want to do these brain challenges. They also don't have to look for them in other locations each day, instead can do it from one game each day with it being different each time.

teh-panda4922d ago

I though brain age was ok, I would never buy another thing like it though.

Montreafart4922d ago

No, actually Im not.

Did people actually believe "braintraining" improves IQ or something?

Well, guess all these smartasses werent smart enough to see through the "abdominator 3000 device will help you get into shape with just 2 minutes of training, everyday. Order now!"

Oh pulease. Wii fit, braintraining, wii yoga all that shiat is nothing more than just another fancy "abdominator 3000"

Baka-akaB4922d ago

I dont get the article that much .
the masses can be stupid , but not THAT stupid .
Of course most people know brain training kinda already existed on pen and paper .

Of course they didnt discover sudoku on DS ....

What matters here is the mean of such games . Some didnt want to deal with the paper versions , but are ready and willing to play with the digital ones , because of the hip factor , the comfort of use , and ease of transport .
Is anyone besides some granma really willing to transport a bag full of crossword puzzles and sudoku ?

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The story is too old to be commented.