Prototype: PS3 graphical feature missing from 360 and PC

Prototype is rendered at 1120 by 640 pixels, with QAA (quinux anti-aliasing) on the PS3 and 2xMSAA (multisample anti-aliasing) on the Xbox 360. The differences between these two solutions for video game "jaggies" are not terribly distinct, apart from a slight blur to the image with QAA; if sufficiently integrated into the game's art style this won't severely impact visual quality (such as is seen in Killzone 2.)

Of course, resolution and aliasing are not really an issue in the PC version of the game, which depending on your set-up can render up to 2560 by 1600 pixels with 4xMSAA.

You will find that the PS3 game's framerate can suffer from significant screen tearing when there's lots of action going on (which is a common occurrence in Prototype). The Xbox 360 game is locked at 30 frames-per-second, and generally runs steadily with minimal screen tearing. Screen tearing is a phenomenon where rendered frames overlap, creating a torn look as two parts of an object fail to line up.

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Dimitri3464d ago

Does anyone see that the 360 screenshot is lacking detail ?

For example, piece of rocks or whatever it is ? That is present in the PS3 screenshot, while 360 screenshot shows stickers or those rocks ?

IrishRepublicanArmy3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

anyone that gives a damn is already playing infamous...


techie3464d ago

That's what the article is about lol Well..spotted.

cervantes993464d ago

Well said, bubble to you :)

I agree, anyone who likes this type of game will play Infamous instead. Now that game looks GOOD and is great fun as well.

Arkham3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Dimitri: Try reading the actual article before posting your comment next time. ;)

Downtown boogey3464d ago

Say that about GTAIV. Say that about inFAMOUS. Say that about Assasin's Creed but


solidt123464d ago

This guy should be talking about how the game is instead of all this tech crap. All i wont to know is if it looks good or not. Screen tearing I could care less as long as it is not constant and the game is playable(prefer none but so what).

chaosatom3464d ago

infamous. Just bought it a few days ago. The moral choices are so hard. I want to be good, so that story would be better, but it's easier to be bad.

IrishRepublicanArmy3464d ago

thanks buddy. bubbles returned!

techie3464d ago

I think Prototype looks VERY good for an open-world game with so much going on. I mean InFamous isn't that better looking.

Elvfam5113464d ago

He did probably read the article but he's just pointing out the screen shots so try not to be a idiot next time

Kushan3464d ago

Anyone that gives a damn is playing both. That's what real gamers do.

JsonHenry3464d ago

Or if you own a PC you can force 16xAA and 16xAF through your video card..

JsonHenry3464d ago

Oh, and it is called "Quincunx" not quinux.

Baka-akaB3464d ago

The game rocks , but no it doesnt looks really good . The art direction is so generic there is hardly one per se .

And tech wise , the games looks quite last gen , and very far from what you could be used to on both platforms or pc .

ultimately it doesnt matter much , because the game is good and fun , and because at least it throws a lot of stuff at you and on screen ... but judging purely graphics , it's not impressive .

PS : before i get killed , again the game still rocks in spite of that

II Necroplasm II3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

What does this game have to do with inFAMOUS?

Why even compare so hard. It's like like comparing Mortal Kombat/Prototype to Street Fighter/InFAMOUS.

Yeah they're the same type of game but much different.

Just had to say that, I'm so sick of hearing about the two being in a vs match.

I really think you people are 13 year old kids

gamesR4fun3464d ago

and the AI's pure weaksauce compared to infamouse but imma still havin fun with it XD

got it on ps3 n not a whole lot of screeen tearing or pop in going on jus 2 missions from done now and mercers maxed. Let me tell you dude dont need to run from nothin now lol

DelbertGrady3464d ago

Red Faction: Guerilla looks better than both Prototype and Infamous. And it's a better game overall as well.

Arkham3464d ago

And you know he read the article how? Is that your other account?

The entire point of the article was explaining why the rubble looked the way it does on the PS3. He obviously missed the point.

I will continue to assume the 5 disagrees are from you and your extra accounts, because no one who grasped the article could honestly disagree.

RememberThe3573464d ago

Way to show your lack of thoughtfulness. For one, comparing two open-world superhero action games and comparing and open-world superhero action game to a fighting game is not even close to being the same thing.

Second, Prototype and Infamous do basically the same thing. Your a super hero in an open city fighting bad guys/good guys. Besides this, there were a number of articles that came out comparing these two games. It has been apart of the discussion the entire time and I'm having a hard time understanding why your acting like this is something new.

The reason these games are being compared is because they have similarities.

Veneno3464d ago

a mulitplat looks better on PS3? It's about time the 360 fanboys shut the fun up.

II Necroplasm II3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I think my whole point went way over your head guy.

Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter is both fighting games but is their stories the same? No.

Fighting styles the same? No.

Characters the same? No.

Fighting the same? No.

But they are both fighting games... but not many people compared the two, they compared MK to KI.

They are both open world games but there is plenty of open world games so why compare those 2? ...when they really do not have much of anything alike. They both have their own Identity's

So let's keep that way, and stop sounding childish. All I'm saying is, it's ok to compare inFAMOUS to Prototype but not on the level most people are doing.

360 man3464d ago

no alan wake supports impressive visuals for a sand box open world game

FamilyGuy3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

The PS3 version is so much better than the 360 version of this game that there's actually an extra character/zombie not present in the 360s version LOL.

Seriously, there's a lot of, what looks like, shading in the PS3 version, is that what this QAA does, add shadows to hide jaggies? It looks good (arguably better) but thats a funny way to solve a problem.

Jaces3464d ago

Can you scale buildings, jump from the tops of skyscrapers, fly helicopters, destroy multiple buildings or vehicles, are there thousands of people walking around for you to slaughter?

No? Hmm, some sandbox game.

3464d ago
Thugbot1873464d ago

Does anyone truely care??? Get the game for whatever system you have or for both if you both systems. This is just more silly fanboyism. Just enjoy the game.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

It was alot like Hulk, the devs last game. You can run up buildings, fight with enlarged hands, throw heavy objects, etc. While I don't think its fair that a lot of reviewers took the devs. last game into consideration, I still am having a fun time playing it.

I like the way you can pick up weapons and get in vehicles. The skill tree is more robust than inFAMOUS, and the gore is pretty awesome. I just wish the story was better and there was more to do in the city.

And as far as inFAMOUS goes, I've beaten that game, and so far I would give it a slight edge, based on the fact that the story is great, the physics are better, and I tend to enjoy platformers a little more anyways. I loved trying to figure out how to climb up buildings, making heartstopping leaps of faith, while getting the sense of vertigo.

mebob3464d ago

Even GTAIV on medium setting with no AA looks nicer than prototype at max setting with 16xAA 16xAF.

i should know i got both on pc. To me protoype looks like GTA:SA with better lighting (pc ver GTA:SA).

But its understandable because it does contain more explosins and stuff goin on screen but i have to argue at the amount of traffic. (using mod my GTA4 version has wayyyyy more cars on screen than prototype and each car actually looks nice with reflections and details.)

Its still a fun/frustrating game though can't compare it to infamous because I've yet to play it.(waiting for my friend to get it so i can crash by his place.)

SaberEdge3464d ago

Ok, the fact that the 360 version of Prototype looks better than the PS3 version might be part of the reason why some PS3 owners were saying inFamous was so much better. If you are comparing the PS3 version of Prototype to inFamous then the difference might be more substantial. But I am playing the 360 version of Prototype alongside inFamous and I honestly think each game looks better than the other in certain ways.

On the 360, at least, Prototype runs smoother than inFamous and has less pop-in and better anti-aliasing. Infamous has a little more detail in general, but honestly both games look kind of bland to me. The textures in both games are fairly mediocre, but Sucker Punch's art direction for Infamous is better, so the texture detail that is there is put to a little better use.

So, Infamous has better art direction and somewhat more detail, while Prototype has a more solid frame rate, better anti-aliasing, less pop-in and more stuff happening on screen at one time. I personally find Prototype more graphically appealing because I place a high premium on the way a game performs over art direction and overall detail. I absolutely detest technical issues like screen tearing, slowdown, aliasing and pop-in. I would always prefer a slightly less detailed game that runs with minimal technical issues than a slightly more detailed game that has technical issues.

LastDance3464d ago

Doesnt suprise me. Ps3 is hard to code for. Prototype is a horrible game. It then follows that untalented devs can't code for the ps3 well

DaTruth3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

This article is about how the PS3 version of Prototype looks better than the 360 and PC versions of the game! Ya! That's right! Kind of makes your comment sound pretty ridiculous. Clearly you haven't even seen Infamous, this is apparent by your labeling of the textures as mediocre. That couldn't be farther from DaTruth.

Please refer to the comparison screenshots in the article and please read the article before commenting!

And for those who haven't played Infamous; When you start the game, don't look away because the entire open-world loads up in seconds. Seriously, You see Sucker Punch, the loading screen appears and five seconds later the game is on!

gambare3464d ago

Nice find Dimitri! the 360 has no bump map.

Pistolero3464d ago

Ha! The PS3 has more shaded rocks in one damn screenshot and the 360 version has a better framerate, less screen tearing, sharper image quality and better anti-aliasing (quincunx sucks) and you think that means the PS3 version is better? Ha,, talk about having the fanboy blinders on.

Sorry, based on the info provided in the article the 360 version is a lot better than the PS3 version.

DaTruth3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Of course, the unmeasurable stuff that was unnoticeable in the screenshots, that nobody could see in the screenshots, and again I state that you can't see it! That stuff that you can't see, is the reason the 360 version has better graphics!

Yes the stuff... that you can't see... the invisible stuff... you can't see... is the reason the 360 version looks better.

Guess a video could have proven that? Wonder why they didn't show us a video of the screen tearing and framerate drops? Looks like they had no evidence and only succeeded at proving one thing!

ShinMaster3464d ago

Very minimal screen tearing and nothing of a big deal.

In fact, most seem to have ignored the following statement in this article:

"Despite these performance difference, the PS3 does have a one-up on both the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game. Surprisingly all debris on the ground is individually shadow-mapped in the PS3 game. This provides more depth for ground textures and creates a very impressive image for an open-world game."

xTruthx3464d ago

This wont keep you from enjoying the game tho ^^

JHUX3464d ago

I haven't played either yet, but I have heard very good things from both of them... so I plan to play both. Even if one game is better than the other why not play both? It's clear to me that both are good games why limit yourself.

Mini Mario3463d ago

O wow, ..extra rocks.......woo hoo ??

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Stryfeno23464d ago

You will find that the PS3 game's framerate can suffer from significant screen tearing when there's lots of action going on (which is a common occurrence in Prototype).


joevfx3464d ago

screen tearing happens on PC too, its a V synce issue.

also see what a PS3 exlusive give you... rendered nativly HD. id like to see the 360 render something natively HD instead of upscalling it to HD.

ultimolu3464d ago

And meanwhile...people are playing Infamous and not giving a damn. :]

Thank you for playing 'COUNT THE PIXELS!'

ptotoy3464d ago

it's at 79

'nuff said

JasonPC360PS3Wii3464d ago

Poor droids, its been a f**ked up gen for you.

saint_john_paul_ii3464d ago

Poor Jason, he didn't read the article right. its ok my son, go with god.

Montrealien3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I got Prototype on my PS3 simply because I had such a good time with Infamous. did not notice anything wrong, and to be honest, there is alot of sh*t going on in prototype sometimes for me to even notice.

*checks ptotoy's and patchstation's comment history*

nuff said

ambientFLIER3464d ago

What? There are many native HD games on the 360.

Pistolero3464d ago

Actually if you made a list of the resolutions of every game available on both platforms the 360 would have a higher average resolution. There are numerous multiplats that run at 720P on the 360 and at a reduced resolution on the ps3. Most games on the 360 run at 720P.

trgz3464d ago

Screen tearing is generally only an issue on a PC if you have V-Sync disabled

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TheReaper423464d ago

anyone else notice the PS3 version has an extra guy on the screen (top left corner). Did he just mysteriously walk into the picture while the others are frozen on both version?

The Great Melon3464d ago

Noticed that too. After seeing that the guy with the gun in the other picture looks weird because he is still pointing at something.

mebob3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Edit : misread article title

Jazz41083464d ago

Im sorry, I really thought infamous stunk, i was extremely dissapointed. I traded it for prototype and its the best decision I made. i am having so much fun with that game, while infamous was Im sorry again boring as Hell.

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II Necroplasm II3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

I care!

I was wanting this game to be really good but yet with all the negative feedback, it seems this game really is a prototype.

Also heard it is still cool though. I still will play it and try it out for myself.
Gore in a game is very nice every now and then.

Omega43464d ago


The PS3 version suffers from framerate drops, screen tearing and a mandatory install, yet this site seems to believe a couple of rocks being slightly more raised off the ground in one version is the most important point

Interesting indeed

heroicjanitor3464d ago

I care so little I almost passed out...

3464d ago
techie3464d ago

Is it said it's more important? All the differences are pointed out are they not?

K-Gamer3464d ago

who cares about some screen tearing?

The X360 suffers more from not having infamous.

ultimolu3464d ago

And...I bought Infamous and currently enjoying it now.
Your point being?

I was hoping for this game to be good but it's a rental for me. :)
Thankfully I don't move close to my screen with a magnifying glass and examine every little pixel in a game.

I feel sorry for you Omega, I really do.

Syronicus3464d ago

In the PS3 version and the frame rate is not so bad when you're in the heat of battle. The install is not even long enough for one to take a piss so it's a moot issue. The issue I have with this game is that it is blah. For all the killing and mayhem involved, the game just did not grab my attention. At the moment, with only a handful of titles out to play, both inFAMOUS and Sacred 2 were more compelling than Prototype. That's just MOH and just a note to the fanboys, there is nothing wrong with the 360 version, no more than there is witht he PS3 version. Both versions play well. The petty argument about textures and screen tearing is just too silly these days.

D4RkNIKON3464d ago

You are awarded bubbles for your awesome comment. I laUghed oUt loUd

StanLee3464d ago

That was so funny! I literally spit up my drink laughing. Bubbles dude!

irish-leprecaun3464d ago

ever realise how omegas bubbles are like a rollercoaster ride.
in other words lots of hatred/down multiple accounts/up!! and on and on!!

peeps3464d ago

lol well i imagine it's to do with the fact that the only ppl who would agree are 360 fanboys. ps3 fanboys certainly wouldn't and 'gamers' just think he's an idiot. for every good reply he gives there will be around 10 fanboy ones

madkrazygames3464d ago

where did you read the PS3 suffers framerate drops and all that other crap?

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