The Getaway Ps3 VS Real life

Here is a comparison of screenshots from the PS3's The Getaway compared to real-life.

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techie4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

Would it be weird to say that I think the lighting is better in The Getaway than real life? lol especially number 5... is better on the getaway.'s dreary in real life...don't get that much light down here. lol *kidding*

n4g sucks4264d ago

i thought 5 and 6 look better than the real life shoots also. better lighting and shadows. but this is just a technical demo and the people in the getaway are not up to par with real life...but damn, the graphics are very impressive

DrWan4264d ago

different times of the day, my friend. Cell is very good at doing shadows and such, depending on where the light source is coming from, it will illuminate accordingly. Notice the sun is striking @ the building in Getaway but in Real life the sun is more like directly above the building

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

seriously, the last 3, i thought the left was real life rather than the right. Could definately be pic quality, but wow nonetheless

achira4264d ago

yes, i thought the same. very impressive.

Tut4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

/sarcasm on

Pffft. The graphics in the pictures on the right look so washed out and weathered!


techie4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

ps. it'll look as good as this or better when it comes out :) tba this year

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

the third and last one.. look at the cars and crowd of people in the background, this game should be interesting, any dates for this game?