No end in sight to hacking of 'WoW' accounts

For months, hackers--most likely in China and Russia, according to security watchers--have been surreptitiously installing keylogging software on WoW players' Windows computers, hijacking their accounts and selling off their often valuable in-game assets.

And the problem doesn't show any signs of going away.

The gangs perpetrating the hacking are "incredibly active, and it's a good exploit," said Roger Thompson, CTO of security software developer Exploit Prevention Labs. "It's probably a conservative estimate to say that there's tens of thousands of victims."

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Ru4266d ago

This may verry well be the end of the WORLD.................of Warcraft!

fenderputty4266d ago

I won't play another one simply because of the time constraints. The games themself are fun as hell. The communittee aspects are cool and so is the teamwork that is involved. That being said, I would have been extreamly upset to find out my account was hacked and blown up. Spending months of time playing a game to loose everything would more then suck.

highps34266d ago

Came close to being a great MMO but just fell short on many levels.

The insanse leveling on these games needs to stop as well. It is not fun getting to 50 now a days and is clearly so you keep playing. Until they fix that im not playing many if any MMO's..