Rumor:Sonic Rush Adventure In The Works

There is a new patent for Sonic Rush Adventure, but no platform is specified, and no info on the game is given. Sonic Rush appeared on the DS awhile back, which could mean that this is a sequel. It could also mean nothing at all.

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Bigmac5734270d ago

Don't come out with another game for three years, then MAYBE I'll rent anything with your likeness on it. Until then, please, just give it up.

grifter0244270d ago

Hey the Adventure games on Dreamcast were pretty cool.. Well I think they were anyways.... If its an adventure close to the caliber of the Dreamcast ones Ill buy it.. Come on Sonic your my Fav char.. Make me pround.tO SAY IM a Sonic Fanboy..LOL

SlyDark Star4270d ago

I'm hoping it's a Wii title or DS because that seems to be the only way in which Sonic doesn't completely suck