Kojima's Legacy

Hideo Kojima announced during this May's Konami E3 press conference that this year, 2006, marks his twentieth anniversary in the games industry. Since his start at Konami in 1986, Kojima has produced and directed some of the games industry's most influential titles. His first game, Metal Gear, is considered the first stealth-action videogame and birthed a genre that's since spawned many of the industry's most popular titles and impacted other genres with stealth influences. Kojima's later titles, both in the Metal Gear series and out, have also established benchmarks of production excellence, merging videogame fantasy with Hollywood-quality presentation, an achievement many games have imitated though few (if any) have matched.

In his twenty years of gaming, Hideo Kojima has established a rather inspirational legacy. Both in his games and in personal interviews, Kojima has waxed philosophical and set in place influences that will likely last past his lifetime. These influences and inspirations, and the games that ignite them, are this philosopher's legacy.

TheMART6499d ago

It's quit funny. All PS fanboys of young age (seen their posts they are under 10 years like ssj/achira) think that Metal Gear was first for the PS.

Funny thing is, it all started on MSX(2). With Metal Gear and then Metal Gear Solid Snake. Those were fun games back then.

That's why the PS was getting so hot in Japan. Because they also still were into the MSX for a long time. While the rest of the world dropped it already.

Get ready for the next drop. PS will loose from Wii in Japan. Rest of the world will get 360 as the first choice. Will MGS evolve to the new king?

Dmac6499d ago

Thats so funny you mention "fanboy". This was just a basic article about a game director, and you write a comment about which system is "gonna lose" or be "king". Oh well man, don't worry, I never consider your comments to be useful anyway.
Anyways, I'm a fan of his games after playing MGS3

achira6499d ago

are you fool, who thinks so ??? i played this game on the nes, you looser, so why do you say i said this, i never said it was at first on the ps. what a looser. if you have not enough arguments you shoul not try to lie !

ACE6497d ago

his soul to sony lol.......

sad dude very sad ....

The BS Police6499d ago

Honestly this guy always thinks he can speak for developers worldwide, he also once qouted saying "videogames Are not Art"!


Of course video games are art, have you ever heard of concept art for video games, environment artists, ect, ect!

Video Games are art in my opinon!

But Maybe certain Videogames like GTA cannot classify as art because it is to violent, I see some aspects in games like "Halo" and "Meta Gear Solid" as art!

Gamer136498d ago

im sick of this guy face he thinks hes the best, The best is the developers of GTA.

MissAubrey6498d ago

I really think this guys games are boring Animal Crossing beats all his games combined.

ACE6497d ago

Kojima! has sold his soul to sony lol....

they can keep lol his games are nothing but 90 % video 10% game .....

if i want to see a movie i will go to blockbuster and hire one lol .....

he is over rated

jinn5823d ago

one of the legendary game developers


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CrimsonWing6922h ago

I’d give it to 8, but whatevs.

mastershredder12h ago(Edited 12h ago)

Ew VO actors and their cringe core. Fiverr voice actors could out perform this chump.


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