We're not riding just on Halo 3, says MS

Fielding CVG's quick-fire questions in an interview published today, Microsoft development group boss Chris Satchell talked-up the Xbox 360's 2007 line-up, telling us that the company isn't relying on "just Halo 3"...

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TOM4263d ago

would agree.So many great games right now there is no need to even think about halo yet.Haven even hungered for the beta....just too many games to worry about something that isnt even out yet.

PS360PCROCKS4263d ago

I know...Halo is the last thing on my mind. Bioshock, Forza, Mass Effect, GTA etc etc all come out prior to Halo

Odiah4262d ago

Is every Xbox gamer into Forza?

Boink4262d ago

tired of racing games.

GameJunkieJim4262d ago

Forza takes what Gran Turismo could have been and makes it reality. Quite possibly the best production racer ever. I'm still hoping a TOCA game makes a debut on 360 or PS3 though, I want body damage and for the physics to change according to said damage.

SKUD4262d ago

Halo 2 saved the first xbox. You bet you're ass MS is riding on halo 3 to do the same. Who are they trying to fool?.

Theo11304262d ago


BIadestarX4262d ago

Use your logic. What's the 360 install base and we are yet to see a release date on Halo 3. Ofcourse no one is saying Microsoft will not make lots of money with Halo 3. The 360 install base will sky rocket when halo 3 is released.

Viper999914262d ago

STFU NOOB just because you like ps3 or the wii tag don't dis xbox 360 noob i bought a ps3 and load times was s**** I took it back and the games i bought took out side and pulled them in the air with a shotgun and BOOM

weekapaugh4262d ago

awwwww. Viper is gonna cry again. Thats the 3rd time this week.

Rockstar4262d ago

The install base is what it is because for a year there was no competition.

BIadestarX4262d ago

@Rockstar, you fanboys should try a little more consistancy. People purchase the 360 because of Halo 3 or because it didn't have any competition?
It's funny how you people change things around when challenged.

No competition? What are you talking about; here are the facts:
1) The PS2 is a great console and still selling more than the 360. I would call that competition. Even more than the PS3.

2) The 360 is selling more consoles now than prior the competition arrival (PS3, wii).

3) The 360 is selling more consoles than the PS3 (Except Japan).

So, it does not look like the "competition" affected xbox 360 sells.. So you logic is irrational.

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PSN Starfleets4262d ago

Saving from what exactly? 10million plus consoles in the market with a good portfolio...?

ben hates you4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

double post sorry

ben hates you4262d ago

the install base is 12 mill plus to date it was 10.4 at the end of 06 its gone up a little i agree with theo1130 mass effect is my most wanted game of 07 1.mass effect 2.halo 3.BRI hells highway 4.forza 5.bioshock 6.ect

techie4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

Don't mean to gate crash...I think the 360 has amazing games coming out this year...Halo will be their love child though. But that's a plus, not a minus.

Anyway...12million!? Where'd you get that from? Nextgenwars...10.5million

VGcharts...9.7million. What other sites are there that give you this magical 12million? 12 million shipped to retailers I'll swing with...but install base? Linky please..

Yus shipped lad. 12million have been shipped to retailers I agree with you there...but they havent been sold to customers. If they had then 360's would be sold out. 10million is a safe bet.

ben hates you4262d ago (Edited 4262d ago )

wikipedia says that there is 12 million units ship, and its definitly not 9.7 ms stated that on dec 31 06 10.4 mil have been shipped your sources may have been from that date

Bonsai12144262d ago

come on... i can go on there and edit that halo 2 was the best game ever made... wikipedia is not a reliable reference source. use it in college and see what happens.. :-p

Keyser4262d ago

Bladestar and GT Starfleets...

You both know as well as the rest of us that the 10 million sales came mostly from Halo and starting out a year ahead. Like Deepbrown said, that not a bad thing but it is the truth. The 360 probably still would have sold but if the 360, Wii, and PS3 came out at the gate at the same time the numbers we see for overall sales would not look like they do now.
The 360 struggled with games out the gate the same way the Wii and PS3 are. They would have all hit their stride around June/July. I would hope no one is taking anything away from the 360 in respect to the praise it deserves for what it has done but realistically Mass Effect would not carry the 360 like Halo 3. Graphics or no graphics, most kids don't play RPG's on the 360. Halo is a fun game on campaign and more fun on multiplayer. You can just pick it up and play. You don't have to worry to much about the story if you don't want to.

Even 360 fanboys have to respect that Halo is a system seller, correction, is THE system seller for MS. Without it, the 360 is on thin ice. Everything has been built around Halo's success. You don't see Mass Effect t-shirts, cups, and merchandise all over the place. Who's the most recognizable character from Mass Effect? Ummm...well...I don't know. Ask someone who the Master Chief is, people who never played the game know who he is and what game he's on.

I'm just pointing out the obvious...

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