Media Molecule's praise for PS3

The team behind LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule, has been discussing the background to its eye-catching game in an exclusive Develop interview - and has plenty of good things to say about host format PS3...

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Bigmac5734264d ago

I hope they can live up to the hype with this one.

TheExecutive4264d ago

How much hype is there? It isn't an impossible game to make. It is, however, new. Sony will make it thei poster child for HOME, developers will love it, gamers will love it, and we will love it.

However, the hype for it isnt that unrealistic...

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

very interesting, I can't wait for this game. Its a good view of a developer that had come to develop for the ps3 with no legacy code. They seem to enjoy coding for the ps3. Yes it is a change in development, it could be a good thing, getting people to think outside the box rather than just repeat the code they have always used. This can only be good for the industry.

[email protected]4264d ago

Excellent, I can't wait to play LBP.

StrboyM4264d ago

start from sratch on any of the new consoles it will be more rewarding than expecting to bring last gen tools and engines. only the unreal engine is overuses... and i think that will fade away when edge is widely distributed

JOLLY14264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

I watched the littlebigplanet videos and I din't get it. What is so exciting about this game? Honestly, I'm not trying to bag it. I just seriously don't get what even looks fun.

BIadestarX4264d ago

We don't know, but who cares! It's Sony so are used to it! Hype Machine! We don't much about the game or it's game play but those freaken PR agents are just too good to ignore.

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

the physics man, the pure physics of gameplay. The user created content. Make your own levels, load them up for other ps3 users to play. All you really gotta know to understand is... the DEVELOPERS at the DEVELOPERS CONFERENCE, went absolutely nuts when this game was presented. I would think DEVELOPERS would be the harshest critics, not fanboys that don't even own the console.

JOLLY14264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

doesn't every game have physics? The physics in forza are awesome! Okay, there are physics. There is user created content, Okay. How are you going to create it? Do you have to own a dev kit? All I know is little muchkin people were playing around with big stuff. If I wanted a non-game I would just make some lame 3d environment, where I could "user create" my own furniture and apartment, where all my friends could visit. Of course they could only visit while my machine was turned on. that's fine though, I would make another non-game that made people want to keep their system on all day. I'll tell them that they are going to solve world hunger....or cancer...something of that nature. Once again...I ask...what looks so fun about this little big planet?

SmokeyMcBear4264d ago

dude what the hell are you talking about?? I think you are getting like 4 seperate things confused into one. LBP is a game, and no you do not need a dev kit. It has tools withing the game itself, to create a level. It is a platform game with the most amazing physics that are offered in that type of game. I'm not sure what you mean by the physics in forza.. you mean the way you turn a corner? I think you are seriously misguided in the programing of physics in a gaming world. Also you are confusing HOME with LBP, two totally separate things, one is a game, the other is an online service.. wow, why am i even bothering, do some research before you spout some asinine question.

JOLLY14264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

little big planet isn't a game. It's a tech demo. The physics weren't spectacular. stuff moved and fell. Congrats on the wonderful physics. If you want to talk about a game with great physics, you'd talk about Forza. (that's why I referenced the game). What was the spectacular gameplay? people walking (and skateboarding) in a world (you can do that in home). It looked like they were playing around (just like playing some frames of bowling in home). So the "user created content" (I think home has that) is cookie cutter. You don't actually make anything! You just use assets that the developers give you. Excitebike did that in the 80's. So, everyone can make the same levels out of the same assets and they can share them with the rest of the world. Then everyone can compare whose world looks like the!

TheExecutive4264d ago

Yes. ^^^^ all of the above. What is so spectacular about this game? Physics? No. Gameplay? No. Hype? No. the main point of this game is user shared content.

Jolly... I know you are talking about physics, but what the hell does forza have to do with LBP? ( Plus what does forza offer thta GT doesnt?) IT IS ABOUT USER CONTENT. Not about physics... if someone says it is about physics, well.. that is just wrong.

TheExecutive4264d ago

i read your post again... just to make sure the forza part made sense. What is so great about forza's physics engine that you need to speak of it?? I am sorry to stick to this point.. but what about forza?

Babylonian4264d ago

Go play Excitebike, cause I know I will be playing LBP.

fenderputty4264d ago

"Excitebike did that in the 80's. So, everyone can make the same levels out of the same assets and they can share them with the rest of the world. Then everyone can compare whose world looks like the!"

You see, there's this little thing called and eye toy now.

Seriously though, you act like we have a minimal set of things that can be done. I'm pretty sure the # of different combinations one can conceive is much greater in this game than in excite bike. And like another poster has said, the internet adds a lot to the game.

m000b14264d ago

Nothing is spectacular to biased hyprocritical idiots, like jolly and bladestar. If the 360 does not have it they disagree.

anh_duong4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

appear in every single post about ps3?? i don't mean to be rude but why is bladestar obsessed about the ps3 even when he doesn't own one - infact he hates it.. hmm. this can't be normal nor healthy behaviour..

techie4264d ago

"What was the spectacular gameplay? people walking (and skateboarding) in a world (you can do that in home). It looked like they were playing around (just like playing some frames of bowling in home)."

DUde you did not watch littlebigplanet! You watched HOME. You were watching HOME my friend.

Little big planet has some of the best graphics I have ever seen in a video. Please search out the HD video and find the amazing textures it has. Everything is physics based in this game...everything has the weight you give to it. You create it as you go along. Look watch this video Jolly and everybody else stop jumping on the Jolly train when he hasnt seen the relevant demonstration of the game.

Here's the demonstration...

Here's the HD video. Enjoy

BIadestarX4263d ago

Why I'm I here? Cause I can... then again I am willing to make a deal. I will not comment on PS3 articles if you and all Sony fanboys don't comment on 360 articles... yeah.. that's going to happen. (though I didn't say anything that's not logical. Take what I said about this game for example... I never say it will not be great game... but it's hyped. We don't know much about this game, what will users be able to do or how extensive it will be. The game play, etc. Sony display a few minutes of a tech demo and pull the PR hat and started to talk about how great the game will be.. That's it. That's all you got. Not hyped?
You Sony fanboys are always acusing xbox 360 games or being hyped yet the most anticipated game on the PS3 is a tech demo where not even a story line or objective is defined. right....

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