Mortal Kombat Wii video

Finally some honest to goodness live-action footage of Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the Wii.

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Torch4270d ago

First, upon viewing the video, the constant re-occurring themes with this game seem to be "simple" and "easy." I'm afraid that making all moves so easily accessible to anyone who picks up the controller may drastically dumb-down human competition. How can a hardcore player gain a meaningful edge if it's so easy form ANYONE to be a so-called "MK Master", as the video insinuates.

One other concern is whether the Wii controls are sensetive, accurate, and quick enough to precisely read all the motions that the player is whishing to convey. As much fun as I had with Wii boxing, it's often very frustrating when all-too-often, my punches do not mirror properly on-screen, if at all.

It's going to be interesting to see how this all pans out for this version of Mortal Kombat.

ItsDubC4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Having spent some open-minded time w/ Wii boxing, I will say that there's a certain way u have to punch in order for the different punches to register. I too was somewhat disappointed to learn that the boxer's punches don't mirror mine exactly, but I can now throw the punches I want consistently and the game is still very fun (and challenging).

I understand your concern about making special moves too easy but on the flipside, I feel that Street Fighter II is much more non-hardcore-gamer-friendly than MK simply because there are more non-special moves and the special moves can be figured out much easier by those who aren't familiar w/ the game. This makes SFII much more appealing to a wider audience in my opinion, and the Wii has that wider audience. By making the controls easier, the casual gamer will have more of a chance against the hardcore gamer and thus everyone can play.

lol the best line in that video's commentary: "Even puking has never been so easy."