Magnacarta 2 Details and New Xbox 360 Screenshots

Gameinfowire: Delivering more than 40 hours of gameplay, Magnacarta 2 features a unique battle system which combines strategic turn-based battles and real-time gameplay, creating a fresh twist on the traditional RPG formula. The game seamlessly blends world navigation and battles as everything happens in the same environment with no load screens or abrupt changes in the action when a fight begins or ends.

Players can utilize objects found in the environment to their advantage and likewise, creatures and field objects dynamically react to the player's actions. A free-roaming camera further adds to the unrestricted interaction with the world. Players are also given flexible control over their party with the ability to pre-assign attributes for each AI character and the freedom to easily switch control between all the characters at any time.

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xino5096d ago

no real time battle, no buy!

da720izcumin5096d ago

dude, you weren't gonna buy it why waste bubbles/time/energy to come here and spew poop allover the wall???

La Chance5096d ago

I didnt get to play Magna Carta on the PS2 =, this one looks interisting.I'll be trying it out when it comes to EU.

TheColbertinator5096d ago

Don't play the first one.The story and battle system were both horrendous.

Homicide5096d ago

Rofl! I agree; the first one sucks. Hope this one is miles better than the first.

KKanjiAnkh5096d ago

Colbert and Kuzanoha are a 100% correct, they're giving you sound advice.

beardpapa5096d ago

I hope they come out w/ a demo on this one. The first one's battle system was so horrible. Love the art, couldn't stand the androgynous main character, but man the story and combat.... yuck. REALLY need a demo. I hope when they mean "unique battle system" they're not referring back to the first one's.

pain777pas5096d ago

The female models are the only good thing about the first game. LOL!!!!!!!

life doomer5096d ago

Yes, it's that bad.

has to be one of the worst games ever made.

La Chance5096d ago

okok guys I got the message :)

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Homicide5096d ago (Edited 5096d ago )

They fooled me to buy the game because of the babes, but it was an awful game :(. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.

Kamikaze1355096d ago

I'm not at all looking forward to this title. The first one was horrible, in my opinion. Just give us sequels to Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey to keep us gamers happy. Not sequels to last gen's trash (no offense to those why enjoyed it).

Godmars2905096d ago

Or do the in-game pics look better than the cutscenes?

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