Final Fantasy XIII's Shiva; New scans from OPM

The Official PlayStation Magazine in UK has written an article that explains why can the PlayStation 3 provide the best graphics in this "new generation". Lucky for us, the magazine also featured a picture of Shiva in all her glory for demonstration. Worth checking out.

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techie4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

HD quality? It's a scan!

Soul lol...wasn't aimed at you...was aimed at the title of the original article. What amuses me more is they say "click here for the HD version" and it's just what they modded together from the scans of the magazine lol. Funny.

soul4270d ago

In origin the picture is in HD format. Don't kill the messenger!

Bebedora4270d ago

...don't read...don't NOT read!

sigh. Better.

I want this game to be as wow as possible when I get it. :)

CrazzyMan4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

then it`s true about hollywood moovie quality :)
eh, 1 month and sqaure-enix party.. and so much amazing stuff will come.. =)

Xi4270d ago

I highly doubt that this is an ingame screenshot, though enix has announced that everything released so far has been from cutscenes they also said that the game will look simular. But I mean look at lost odyssey I mean that's already movie quality hopefully square can compete.

CrazzyMan4270d ago

will see after 1 month,
and Lost odyssey has some terrible location, + no FSAA, because UE3.0 don`t work with FSAA on xbox360.

MoreOver, White Engine ix exclusive open engine for PS3 games, which made for utilizing ps3 power, and only because we didn`t see such quality(like shiva on that screen) in xbox360 games, it doesn`t mean, we won`t see such quality in ps3 games. =)

sumfood4u4270d ago

She Rulez in more ways than one! By far my favorite summon, well tied with Levithan. Still good 2 see her comming on the ps3. omg WoW. I so can't wait for this game as well as versus. FINAL FANTASY FAN 4~LYFE.

jerrell4270d ago

The only thing I have to say is that this game is going to be legendary as was Final Fantasy 10 for the PS2. That wow factor is definitely going to be there!!!

soul4270d ago

Lets hope you are right...

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The story is too old to be commented.