Opera to reinvent web on 16th June

"On June 16th at 9:00 a.m (CEDT), we will reinvent the Web."

A mysterious web page, called "Freedom" in its URL, has appeared on Opera's site making the rather bold claim that, "[o]n June 16th at 9:00 a.m (CEDT), [the Norwegian company] will reinvent the Web." This sounds like hyperbole, but it has got people all over the Internet talking.

Some believe that this is the date the final for Opera 10 will be released, but others say that, however much promise that new version holds, it is unlikely to "reinvent the Web." Others speculate that it has something to do with Turbo, a manner of compressing web pages so that they load faster. The presence of clouds on the "Freedom" page has got some thinking that Opera is about to do something important with cloud computing.

urban bohemian5515d ago

Hope its not just another browser, got enough already. Does look more like Cloud computing though. Why Tuesday of all days too!

dragunrising5515d ago

Why Tuesday? Because Mondays are no fun. For most people the start of the work day and/or school day :-p lol. Also, Office Space taught us that Mondays = Evil. Tuesday by virtue of coming after Monday is "the" best day to unveil ANYTHING! :-)

On a more serious note- good observation. Perhaps Opera's is trying to beat Google and company to the punch in cloud computing. As long as its free, I'm willing to try it.

mrblacknut5515d ago

Not every day of the week is the same for everone. In the UAE the weekend actually falls on Monday instead of Saturday.

dogmeat eater5515d ago

It claims to be the fastest browser on the web. But its not.

TheForgotten0ne5515d ago

Haven't this already been posted? I know I have read it before, but that might be on a different site.

But anyways, looking forward to what this is, probably just something that will happend in 5 years or somethin, doubt we get something new right away anyways?

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