Ghost Rider Creator Sues Sony, Marvel, Take-Two & Others

Gary Friedrich, the creator of Ghost Rider, is flaming mad. He's suing Marvel, Sony Pictures, Take-Two and a number of other companies that he claims all conspired to "exploit, profit from and utilize" his copyrights to the popular comic book character.

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Firewire4267d ago

Somebody tell this guy his comic sucked, the movie sucked, the game sucked! He was nothing before it was made into a movie! Like anybody cared about Ghost Rider! Its way more famous now then before. How much coin does he have now, compared to before the movie? This guy is trying to live of a crapy comic from the 60's. He should be grateful he got anything!

kamakazi4267d ago

so this guy makes money on the movie and game, and decides to sue now, why not before the movie and game were made? idiot.

freeza4267d ago (Edited 4267d ago )

lol as tho he didnt get paid a nuff lol.

holy nuttbuster that movie made $215 million god damn

Merovee4267d ago

He seems mad that people wont take a guy with a flaming head seriously. And how could you. They should laugh at the character, could you immagine if they tried to make it really serious?? It would have ended up as the third movie in GrindHouse.

Norad64267d ago

Welcome to the video game industry bud.

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