No ATI Hardware Game Physics For 9 To 12 Months

Remember a few weeks ago about how ATI talked about its solution for PC hardware game physics support by linking two or three ATI graphics cards? Well in an ATI financial conference call this morning, its CEO Dave Orton stated that the actual physics support they offer won't be ready for another 9 to 12 months, giving rival AGEIA at least a year's head start on the PC hardware physics market.

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Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom Review (PC)

The Outerhaven writes: Remnant II: The Forgotten Kingdom, is a solid expansion of Remnant II, albeit a short adventure that adds more lore to the series and will beckon players back.

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Eiyuden Chronicles: Reviving Suikoden's Legacy in a Modern JRPG Masterpiece

Eiyuden Chronicle is finally here, and The Nerd Stash points out the game's comparison to Suikoden, as well as the love Yoshitaka Murayama put into it.

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Opinion: Gaming Is In A “Rut” In 2024? Not A Chance

Social media was set ablaze over people saying gaming in 2024 is in a rut, but is there any merit to it? Not in my opinion. Let’s discuss

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Goodguy016h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Gaming has been great. The industry however has been taking hits here and there. Nintendo is prepping for next gen, Sony has no first party, and mcsft has...who knows? I guess that's why it seems like gaming is in a rut for some. 3rd party and indies has been amazing though.

shinoff21834h ago

Personally I'm enjoying the sh out of gaming these last few years. All these great games, it takes me back to snes ps1 days where there was so much variety. In all my gaming years I think the ps3/360 was the worst of it. It was first person shooter after first person shooter, variety went out the window because that's when development really started rising for most devs even indies. I think all 3 console makers have done well with helping indies out lately to an extent. The variety started coming back during ps4 Era and now it's full blown. I just picked up eiyuden 100 heroes and man this sh takes me back. An actual jrpg releasing these day. I thought it was the end after only like 10 of them released for ps3 and 360(not literally but it was slim pickings)

gold_drake4h ago

we had a few hits this year alreadyz so im not sure where this "gaming is in trouble" comes from lol

and theres still alot more to come