Choosing A Console: "Xbox360 is The Console To Beat, PS3 Best pure Gaming, Wii a Joke"

An article reviewing the 3 current consoles on the market interms on selecting one the best suits you.


"I feel that the Xbox 360 is the console to beat, as it is the most versatile, while offering a comparable graphics experience to what you'll see on the PS3. That said, I do have some concerns about the 360's reliability, so I'm going to recommend something I never do: Buy it locally and purchase the in-store warranty, so you can replace it immediately at any time free of charge.

If you absolutely must have the best pure gaming experience, the PS3 should ultimately win out, especially when developers begin to figure out how to unlock the console's most impressive capabilities. A year from now, I expect PS3 games to absolutely blow away anything available on the 360.

As for the Wii, I'm going to have to disagree with the consensus and call it as I see it: Unless you have very young kids with no video game experience at all, skip out on this console. The Wii is a joke, a novelty console that doesn't offer much staying power. Either the 360 or PS3 would be a better choice for almost anyone.

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THAMMER14269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

once developers find out how to use the hardware in the PS3 it will blow away the 360 by next year. I just want to know where he bought his crystal ball. He also recommends the 360 now. So I guess he is being non-bias.

I personally say if you feel like your going to miss out buy them both. If you’re really big into online play get a 360/w a warranty. Or get a PS3 if you have a special affinity for PLAYSTATION.

R34GTR4269d ago

Its common dammn sense. Dev's have said, plenty of people that fully understand the cell chip and architecture to wich the PS3 is built on have said it. Its not that hard to talk to a game designer or such and figure out some need to know about the two consoles. I for one have heard that being thrown around forever now. PS3 will outpace the 360. Its not the first its been said. Problem is "Will". Fans have to wait and haters would rather just hate.... but time will be the deciding factor.

ThaGeNeCySt4269d ago

PS3 games were expected to blow 360 games out of the water from the jump... anyways.. neither console is reaching their ceiling anytime soon and they'll be some games on 360 that look better than PS3 games and vice versa

overrated4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

If you argue with this you are a fanboy.

icryo find a post of me being a fanboy plz?

GaMr-4269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

You should of saved this comment till after the 100 flamewar comments that will follow. lol

The real fanboys have not made it here yet..... they should be coming.

Icryo4269d ago

If you want a stellar online service- get 360.
If you need some Halo love- get 360.
If you need a reliable next-gen system- get PS3
If you a raving media nut and movie madman- get PS3
If you're looking for simple novelty and a cheap price- get the Wii
It's that simple...

shotty4269d ago

The releable system, well I've read a bunch on launch consoles breaking, mine hasnt but i'll give that to the ps3 but "If you a raving media nut and movie madman" Well the xbox 360 has DVD, HD-DVD, Xbox live video store and add to that full streaming from a PC, with sony not having the last 2. SO i'll give sony the reliability but the newer x360 are rock solid, I know 2 people that have one and no issues there, mine is a lauch console and thats even running good.
Honestly get what you want, want Japanese exclusives go for the sony console, want easy fun go for the wii and the xbox 360 pretty much has everything else in the middle.

rowdy 14268d ago

want to add steller online for PSN. with HOME