Ah, Memories of the Gamecube

Gamer Limit writes "For I and many other school children, the summer months are always filled with warm memories – perhaps it is of random events with friends, or simply one's naïve childhood, but, in looking back on it, it's sure to make most people happy. In reflection, I remember that my childhood was spent playing video games, oftentimes with friends or simply by myself, and only just recently have I remembered just how wonderful these memories really are."

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Dsnyder5031d ago

Ahh what a great 3 month run Dreamcast had. No console will ever compare.

Tony P5031d ago

I like GC too, but what's with the DC hate? :/

Not a successful console, but a good one.

I still have my GC mainly for the GBA adapter, extra special LoZ Majora's Mask/Ocarina, and awesome RE4 Chainsaw controller. Haven't touched either console in ages though. :/

hitokiri5031d ago

I still play my Dreamcast very often, especially Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs SNK 2, Crazy Taxi, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Code Veronica (ah... the good old days of Resident Evil) and Ikuruga.

Those are my favorites. I have more but those are the ones I play the most.

Fullish5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

Dreamcast? err?
Personally by far my favourite game from the gamecube was Metal Gear: Twin snakes.

qface645031d ago

i regret selling my twin snakes so badly
now im lucky enough to find a used copy for like 40 bucks =[

The Great Melon5031d ago

I was so excited when I ran into that game at a used game store. Snatched that up in an instant for $15.

chrisjc5031d ago

I never owned a Gamecube in my life, but I still snatched up Twin Snakes. It's that good.

qface645031d ago

man i still don't have it Dx

La Chance5030d ago (Edited 5030d ago )

The Gcube is the worst console Ive owned since the PS1. It wasnt a very bad console but it wasnt as good as the PS2 or xbopx because of the total lack of 3rd party support.

I had some great times though with my GC, my favorite games were Baten Kaitos and Tales of Symphonia and the Residant Evil 1 remake which is a game I'll never ever forget, easily my best game ever right behind FF9 and MGS1

I would be really happy if Namco could bring back Baten Kaitos on next gen consoles.

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GrahameG5031d ago

I have a soft spot for my little Gamecube. Loved playing as Link in Soul Calibur.

Resident Evil remake was fantastic too.

The console had such potential and never really got the chance to realise it to the full.

ThatCanadianGuy5031d ago (Edited 5031d ago )

I still have mine.I play it from time to time.Tho the amount of good games are slim, but, it does bring back memories.

Wind waker for the win !

The Great Melon5031d ago

Although there weren't many, the ones that were good were amazing.

GUNS N SWORDS5031d ago

........i miss my game cube :(

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The story is too old to be commented.