HD-DVD Winning the European Race

The Sony backed Blu-ray format has been dealt a blow by the news that a number of independent European studios have decided to release films primarily on Toshiba's HD-DVD format.

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SmokeyMcBear4261d ago

interesting, sound like sony has a whatever, we're sony and you're gonna do what we tell you, and the HD-DVD camp, going out of there way to help out independant studios. Anyone know which movies are from these studios, any must haves?

zonetrooper54261d ago

This could prove intersting considering there are many movies from Bollywood lol i know you might be laughing at that but it could help the sales of HD-DVD.

FordGTGuy4261d ago

Because the way Sony was talking about how Blu-Ray was winning a while ago that HD-DVD would be dead but it looks like its holding its on. Who will be the winner? I have no idea but I don't really care because i'm not investing into either until there is a winner.

Black Republican4261d ago

hd dvd and blu-ray

should just do a
paper - scissors - rock -- LOL

because i want a damn hd player, but i wont purchase one until one is the official format/standard.

SimmoUK4261d ago

Talking about clutching at straws, these are small independent studios with title's no one's ever heard of, the main factor is that the big studios with films that more than a handfull of people are going to buy are backing Blu-Ray...

"Sony" has never said it's winning the format race the studio's backing it and the press have said that, ever since they took over in sales figures this is going to change nothing...

techie4261d ago

Pathe is a huge studio in France...the produce nearly everything that comes out of there. I was a bit surprised to see that personally.

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The story is too old to be commented.