All-Pro Football 2K8 Release Date Revealed?

Dibbs on the Atlanta Thunderbirds...

Found this little snippet on the website regarding the pending All Pro Football release date:


Preorder this item today and it should ship on...

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kewlkat0074270d ago

wait for the 2K series to come back. I guess this is a step in the right direction. Funk Madden...

SmokeyMcBear4270d ago

Those that curse madden, are the ones that suck at it. Maddens all about playcalling, timing, and gameplay. True madden players never play linemen, roam the secondary with a safety, its fun.

kewlkat0074270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

I've been playing Sports games since when Genesis made sports games great. Madden I just never liked. The play models were too small. The running game is poor.

When I got my dreamcast in 99, the 2K sport series put a fear in EA, and look at what they did. They got Scuuured, and bought out the NFL lisence for 5 years. What game ever put you right inside the helment? Something different atleast.

Tried to do the same with NHL and NBA but we all know which one of those game are better.

NFL 2K was about to take over. That's why I hated EA for buying out the competition. I know it goes on everywhere but that's how I seen it.

2K series will rule in NFL you'll see. This is a good step, that means they are not dead.

SmokeyMcBear4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Yeah i had genesis too, Joe Montana football was the best. Also nothing beats madden 93..nothing. I can see your point about buying the competition, that was not a good thing, only made madden stagnate, althought they have brought a little something new each time. NFK 2K, always seemed too.. well too cartoony, too fake. It was so easy to run, I'd break off 20-30 yard runs so easily. The real NFL isnt like that. Having a 3 yard Avg is good, a 4 yd average is great. I mean in real life you're gonna get stuffed at the line sometimes, its part of the game. QB vsion, Hit Stick, Truck Stick, when you practice and get good, Madden becomes an amazing game. Its so fun when you can actually see a play developing as a safety, and just know they are gonna throw it there, and pick it off, such a nice feeling. Seriously, its all about the playcalling, like in real life. You call the wrong play against the wrong defence, well its gonna blow up, like in real life. Every single play has a counter, I don't care who you are. Yeah there are some players that use gimmic plays (only a handful of plays a game), and glitches, but if you know how to counter those, it all works out in the end. I do wish 2K would get back into the game though, take all the scrubs off madden online, haha j/k.

Robotz Rule4270d ago

Destroy EA!

I loved NFL 2K5!

G_CodeMonkey4270d ago

I'll definitely pick up this gem. If M$ will ever get off their political butt and make 2k5 backward compatible, I'd buy that too. As for EA's football games this year, I'll be voting no with my wallet--too little innovation, etc. gCM

Lacarious4270d ago

anyone have any yet? game pictures... stuff like that?

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