Japan not bothered about MotorStorm online play

Nigel Kershaw, lead designer on MotorStorm, has said that the reason the Japanese version of MotorStorm doesn't have online play was simply because the Japanese market wasn't "as bothered about online".

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Quisp4265d ago

Japanese consumers would buy it without the online. The offline kinda sux, imo. Too few tracks and way too repetitive.

zonetrooper54265d ago

Well in Japan, they have better and faster broadband then here in the UK and USA. I think the reason for not having online is because there was a deadline which they did not meet and so they had to cut the online part of the game.

PSN Starfleets4265d ago

He's just trying to justify a game without any online play.

jam94265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

So, Japanese consumers just imported US version of Motor Storm once it hits US street.

In my opinion, SCEJ dislike online. You may notice PS online store for Japanese is the most slow. No movie trailers are added for 3 months.

n4g sucks4265d ago

the japanesse psn store is like 10 faster than the american counter part. plus, their internet conections are up to 100mbps. now if your in th US trying to access the jap. psn store, then ya, downloading content from a island on the other side of the world might take a little while

shikwan4265d ago

Are SERIOUSLY NOT into online multiplayer like the West. Even on XBL they almost NEVER have mics. It's not their culture to babble off at the mouth with 'strangers'. And people who do--especially non-japanese speakers, are very 'kuwaii' (intimidating).

To give you an idea for your analysis; I went to the movies a few times while in Tokyo. In a crowded theater, no one laughed, talked, gasped, or showed any facial emotion towards the movie for the entire time. Other than the movie, it was dead silence AND stillness. Like a toy's battery had gone dead. But once the movie was rolling credits-everyone seemed to come out this trance and began talking amongst themselves.

It's VERY wierd at first until you start to understand their culture a little.

They just don't see video games as a multiplayer thing. They are more like; you get a good score (solo), then I'll try to beat it (solo).

Tut4265d ago

That is pretty interesting. Thank you for that bit of insight, and I mean that sincerely.

shikwan4265d ago

the other thing that should be noted are the TYPES of games that they play; they play more RPGs (again solo) and also more ACTIVE games like Dance Dance Revolution. Note that the 'sit at home' games are SOLO and the competitive games are NOT team-based.

Motorstorm would be a 'sit at home' game--there's nothing to do actively...see where I'm going??

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