Halo 3 Dissected - New Details

So Bungie has finally revealed details on when and what the multiplayer beta will consist of. There's no word on the size of the download yet but we'll be able to play three maps - Valhalla, High Ground and Snowbound - in a "wide variety" of gameplay types, says Bungie. The dev also hints that some of the game modes will be familiar while some will be new. One new game type we know about is called Escort.

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omansteveo4266d ago

Dude i just watched the Multi player vid doc and its amazing the shield orb s pimp and you can record multi player mtches and show your ownage to your friends pimp sh*t...BALLIN!

xrobbanx4266d ago

Featurewise this seems to rock

Caxtus7504266d ago


on another note the save game vid feature may be another reason for a larger HDD depending on their size.

Aslong as they keep the hardcore element in though.

FreeMonk4266d ago

You may be able to just download the info instead of storing it on your HD. Remember that Bungie log down everything that happens within the game on there servers, so maybe it'll be simple as just picking selecting an option like 'Replay' and it'll show the last 100 games played.

If you want to keep that as a favourite, you just tag it!

What interests me though is the comment about replaying it with your friends. Does that mean real friends or Online friends? How would you replay them with your friends showing them the camera angle your looking at??

All sounds good though, but I doubt we'll see this option in the Beta!

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